MH- CET MBA 2018 Analysis

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MH-CET-2018 for MBA/MMS for 400+ institutes in Maharashtra has again shown increase in the number of applications. The inclination of students towards MBA CET has swung back, which is evident from the fact that 2018 is the third consecutive year of increase in the applications. The 1.06 lakh students, with a mark of 11% increase this year, are trying to seek admissions in the top colleges of Mumbai and Pune universities. One big news for the OMS students is that CET this year has arranged exam centres even outside Maharashtra. The exam is being conducted across 36 exam cities in Maharashtra and 13 cities outside the state.
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Today was the first slot of the four slots planned for 10th and 11th March with 2 slots each day. Most of the students had anticipated the test to be on the lines of previous two years toughness level and they faced no major surprises. This is the third CET where the toughness level is up by a big margin.
MH-CET Prep Course
The test pattern
S.N Section Questions
1. Logical and Critical Reasoning 75
2. Verbal Reasoning 50
3. Quantitative Aptitude 50
4. Abstract Reasoning 25
5. Total 200
The highlights of CET-2018
  • Each question carried 1 mark, with no negative marking for the incorrect responses. The time allotted was one and a half hours.
  • Even this year the code of conduct was flawless. Unlike CET 2015, this year the questions in the test were bug-free.
  • Although the questions were not provoking logically but the time needed to crack even the conventional question on an average was higher.
  • The first slot was of the types where a score of 120+ should fetch a percentile of 99.25 or more.
The sectional analysis of slot I and slot II
Quantitative Aptitude:
There were four DI Sets with around 20 questions all together including a case-let and a Data comparison set. These DI sets were mixture of easy to tough than those featured in CET-2017. The Math questions were not the traditional CET questions. A student was forced to think in every question. The questions were not just lengthy but also logically provoking. An attempt of 30-35 in this section with an accuracy of 80% or more is great.
Logical Reasoning:
This section was a nightmare for most of the aspirants. The Data arrangement sets (Analytical reasoning) that came for around 40marks in the form of 8 sets were the most critical part. Most of the students got stuck here in such a way that they were left with very less time for the other sections. Symbol operations were manageable. Syllogisms although conventional were a bit tricky in the conclusions framework and the combination of options.
Verbal Reasoning:
There were some surprises in this section. There were two passages under the directions of single R.C. This was a bit similar to the View-Counterview format that CET brought up in 2011. The toughness level overall was a mixed bag.
Match the pairs got featured in CET for the first time. Column A and Column B with three sentences each were shown and the students were expected to match the pairs with the grammar coming into play to make the sentences meaningful.
Abstract Reasoning:
This section was easier part in this CET. Most of the questions were easy, unlike the previous year questions where more than two logical sequences were inserted in one question. The faster method that we practice in hitbullseye was overwhelmingly used in it. It was possible to manage 25 questions in 10 mins. (With the faster method)
All in all, CET-2018 was good only for the students who underwent with a good practice.
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