How to crack MH-CET MBA entrance exam?

The CET (Common Entrance Test) for MBA admissions is conducted by the Directorate of Technical Education, Maharashtra. The CET, now conducted online, typically contains 200 MCQ (multiple choice questions) to be attempted in 150 minutes. All test questions carry equal marks and no negative marking is there.

How to prepare for MH-CET?
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How to prepare for MH-CET? – the all-important question for you at this stage could lead to many possible answers, depending on the seeker and the giver. Generally, the difficulty level of the exam is moderate. Before you make your preparation plan, it is important to learn about the essential topics of various sections. Accordingly, you can devise your strategy for each section.

MH-CET Syllabus

MH-CET features a mix of the usual MBA test contents except GK, which is not there. Though we can define the MH-CET syllabus but the questions on different topics are jumbled up i.e. you will find the questions from a test area scattered randomly and not at one place.

  • Verbal Ability: The questions from this section are based on: Jumbled paragraphs, Error corrections in sentences, Vocabulary, Sentence completion, Synonyms - Antonyms, Idioms and Phrases, phrasal verbs, Synonyms and antonyms, Similar words used in different contexts, Reading Comprehension of unseen passages, completion of paragraphs and One word substitutions.
    Verbal ability basically requires you to have a strong hold over vocabulary, grammar and reading skills. Make a habit of reading good books and newspapers and try to learn new words and their usage by looking up a standard dictionary. Studying a good Grammar book like Wren & Martin’s High School Grammar and solving the questions therein can help you a lot.
  • Quantitative Aptitude: The major topics for this section are: Numbers, Ratio - Proportion, Percentage, Numbers, SI & CI, Time - Distance, Height & Distance, Indices & Surds, Geometry, Mensuration, Logarithms, Permutations & Combinations, Probability, Time & Work, Profit-Loss, and Data Interpretation - Graphs, Charts, Tables.
    The questions asked are based on elementary mathematics, however, you can solve the practice questions. Do memorise tables, squares and cubes to save time in the test. Mental calculations can help you a lot here. Use approximations, decimal-fractions and percentage techniques to solve quant questions. DI forms the major part of this section. So, do practice 3-4 DI sets daily.
  • Logical & Abstract Reasoning: This section has the highest weightage in MH-CET exam. Reasoning questions are usually based on: Series, Input & Output, Directions, Linear and Circular Arrangements, Symbol based Series Completion, Directions, Conditional Coding, Selection Criteria, Venn Diagrams, Deductions and Coding-Decoding.
    As there are no standard techniques to solve these questions, the only way to ace this area is to practice 15-25 questions daily. Visual reasoning questions are a new addition to this section. Solve previous year papers and mock tests to get hold of this most important section.

Please note carefully that the order of sections is not fixed in the CET paper. The first section may be on Verbal Ability while the next one may be based on data interpretation, an altogether different test area. Lastly, MH-CET tests your time management and speed skills more than your knowledge.

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