Download Previous Year CAT Question Papers

The popular writer Dale Carnegie said, "The past is where you learned the lesson. The future is where you apply the lesson."
So, now that you are prepping up for the upcoming CAT exam, you must study previous year CAT question papers. The main aim of the actual CAT exam papers is to give you a clear picture of its pattern, question types, and difficulty level. At the same time, you can check your progress and analyze your performance in different topics. Here, you can download CAT exam question papers of the past 10 years and beyond.
Also, you will learn about the CAT exam pattern.
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CAT Previous Year Papers: An Overview
The pattern of CAT exam question papers of 2017-22 has been different from the past CAT exams. CAT 2023 is expected to be on a similar pattern as of 2022. The composition of CAT 2022 Question Paper is as mentioned below:
CAT 2022 Exam Pattern
Number of Sections 3
Total Number of Questions 66
Number of choices per question (MCQs) 4
Marks per question +3
Negative Marking -1
Negative marking for Non-MCQs NIL

CAT Previous Year Papers: Evolution & Analysis
The exam pattern and format of CAT exam has evolved widely over the last ten years. From reduction in number of sections to the reduction in number of questions and time limits, CAT has witnessed several changes from 2011 onwards. Thereafter, the on-screen calculators were provided from 2015 and also, Non-MCQs questions were introduced. Overall, the difficulty level of the exam has stayed on higher side, with the verbal section giving 70% weightage to reading comprehension passages, quantitative section laying great emphasis on arithmetic and algebra-based questions and their applications. Lastly, the reasoning and data interpretation is comparatively manageable if you are good with shortcuts and have practiced enough sets.
As for the Non-MCQs, they feature in all sections of CAT and take up almost 30% of the weightage.
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CAT Previous Years Question Papers
This pdf is curated by our topmost faculty and experts with years of experience in mentoring and training students for CAT and other entrance tests.
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Why to solve CAT Previous Year Papers?
The previous years papers are extremely beneficial for students aspiring to get admission in a top B-school. Listed below are the different ways in which these papers will guide you in your exam preparation.
  • They help in the understanding the question pattern in complete detail.
  • By solving previous year question papers, you can strategize your preparation and manage time.
  • You get an idea of the type of questions and level of difficulty. This widens the scope of your study material, boosts your confidence, and enhances your test performance.
  • It helps you in identifying the important topics and knows which of the topics have been repeated. Also, you will know about your weak areas and focus on making them your strength so as to secure a good percentile.
  • You get to the feel of a real exam experience provided you solve them in a given time restraint.
  • Also with practice, you develop new problem-solving techniques. Since the papers are accompanied by solutions, you also learn some new and smarter ways to solve different questions.
Here, you can access the actual CAT papers of last decade and more.
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CAT Exam Question Papers
Here, you can login and take the test based on the actual CAT papers of last few years.
Download PDF Description Mock Test
CAT 2022 Actual Paper Slot I-II-III Actual CAT 2022 Question Paper Slot I
CAT Actual 2022 Question Paper Slot II
Actual CAT 2022 Question Paper Slot III
CAT 2021 Actual Paper Slot I-II-III Actual CAT 2021 Question Paper Slot I
CAT Actual 2021 Question Paper Slot II
Actual CAT 2021 Question Paper Slot III
CAT 2020 Actual Paper Slot I-II-III Actual CAT 2020 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2020 Question Paper Slot II
Actual CAT 2020 Question Paper Slot III
CAT 2019 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2019 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2019 Question Paper Slot II
CAT 2018 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot II
CAT 2017 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2017 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2017 Question Paper Slot II
The above given papers show a marked difference from the CAT previous year papers of 2008 and before. This is because of the different exam structure and number of questions. However, they still prove beneficial as the difficulty level remains nearly the same.
CAT 2008 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2008 Question Paper
CAT 2007 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2007 Question Paper
CAT 2006 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2006 Question Paper
CAT 2005 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2005 Question Paper
CAT 2004 (November) Actual Paper Actual CAT 2004 Question Paper conducted in November
CAT 2004 (February) Actual Paper Actual CAT 2004 Question Paper conducted in February.
CAT 2003 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2003 Question Paper
CAT 2002 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2002 Question Paper
CAT 2001 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2001 Question Paper
CAT 2000 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2000 Question Paper
CAT 1999 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1999 Question Paper
CAT 1998 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1998 Question Paper  
CAT 1997 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1997 Question Paper  
CAT 1996 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1996 Question Paper  
CAT 1995 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1995 Question Paper  
CAT 1994 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1994 Question Paper  
CAT 1993 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1993 Question Paper  
CAT 1992 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1992 Question Paper  
CAT 1991 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1991 Question Paper  
CAT 1990 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1990 Question Paper  
Solving CAT Previous Year Question Papers will strengthen your preparation for CAT 2023. After solving the paper, remember to go through its solutions and analysis. It is important to reflect on your performance so as to improve further and attain a good score in the exam.
CAT Sample Papers
Here, you can access and attempt a set of the latest CAT sample tests based on the current difficulty level of the exam.
CAT Sample Papers Download Link
CAT Sample Paper 1
CAT Sample Paper 2
CAT Sample Paper 3
CAT Sample Paper 4
CAT Sample Paper 5
CAT Sample Paper 6
CAT Sample Paper 7
CAT Sample Paper 8
CAT Sample Paper 9
CAT Sample Paper 10
CAT Sample Paper 11
CAT Sample Paper 12
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