Download Previous Year CAT Question Papers

CAT Previous Year Question Papers
The main aim of the CAT previous papers is to give you a clear picture of the pattern of the exam. To know where you stand in the preparation and test your progress, solving the papers is the best practice. It will boost your confidence and even help you to improve your drawbacks. The best part about solving previous papers is the variety of questions you will get in one go. It widens the scope of study material. It will also help you to know your weak areas and focus on making them your strength to secure the maximum marks.
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Actual CAT Question Papers
Download PDFDescriptionMock Test
CAT 2018 Actual PaperActual CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot II
CAT 2017 Actual PaperActual CAT 2017 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2017 Question Paper Slot II
CAT 2008 Actual PaperActual CAT 2008 Question Paper
CAT 2007 Actual PaperActual CAT 2007 Question Paper
CAT 2006 Actual PaperActual CAT 2006 Question Paper
CAT 2005 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2005 Question Paper
CAT 2004 (November) Actual PaperActual CAT 2004 Question Paper conducted in November
CAT 2004 (February) Actual Paper Actual CAT 2004 Question Paper conducted in February.
CAT 2003 Actual PaperActual CAT 2003 Question Paper
CAT 2002 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2002 Question Paper
CAT 2001 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2001 Question Paper
CAT 2000 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2000 Question Paper
CAT 1999 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1999 Question Paper
CAT 1998 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1998 Question Paper 
CAT 1997 Actual PaperActual CAT 1997 Question Paper 
CAT 1996 Actual PaperActual CAT 1996 Question Paper 
CAT 1995 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1995 Question Paper 
CAT 1994 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1994 Question Paper 
CAT 1993 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1993 Question Paper 
CAT 1992 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1992 Question Paper 
CAT 1991 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1991 Question Paper 
CAT 1990 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1990 Question Paper