CAT Sample Paper 2023

CAT sample paper is based on the expected pattern and question types of the actual exam. In terms of difficulty level, they may be moderate to advanced, so as to prepare you well for the exam. Generally, CAT sample paper is designed a little more difficult than the actual exam, for the test-taker's better preparation. You need to complete each paper within the fixed time restraint and follow the rules meant for the CAT exam.
"The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is practice." - Vladimir Horowitz
So, if you wish to put up an extraordinary performance in CAT 2023, you-must-not-forget to practice. Here, we have provided you with the CAT sample papers, given along with solutions.
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CAT Sample Paper
Here, you can access and attempt a set of the latest CAT sample tests based on the current difficulty level of the exam.
CAT Sample Papers Download Link
CAT Sample Paper 1
CAT Sample Paper 2
CAT Sample Paper 3
CAT Sample Paper 4
CAT Sample Paper 5
CAT Sample Paper 6
CAT Sample Paper 7
CAT Sample Paper 8
CAT Sample Paper 9
CAT Sample Paper 10
CAT Sample Paper 11
CAT Sample Paper 12
Remember “Experience tells you what to do; confidence allows you to do it”, as quoted by Stan Smith.
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CAT Exam Question Papers
Here, you can login and take the test based on the actual CAT papers of last few years.
Download PDF Description Mock Test
Actual CAT 2021 Slot I-II-III Actual CAT 2021 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2021 Question Paper Slot II
Actual CAT 2021 Question Paper Slot III
Actual CAT 2020 Slot I-II-III Actual CAT 2020 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2020 Question Paper Slot II
Actual CAT 2020 Question Paper Slot III
CAT 2019 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2019 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2019 Question Paper Slot II
CAT 2018 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2018 Question Paper Slot II
CAT 2017 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2017 Question Paper Slot I
Actual CAT 2017 Question Paper Slot II
The above given papers show a marked difference from the CAT previous year papers of 2008 and before. This is because of the different exam structure and number of questions. However, they still prove beneficial as the difficulty level remains nearly the same.
CAT 2008 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2008 Question Paper
CAT 2007 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2007 Question Paper
CAT 2006 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2006 Question Paper
CAT 2005 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2005 Question Paper
CAT 2004 (November) Actual Paper Actual CAT 2004 Question Paper conducted in November
CAT 2004 (February) Actual Paper Actual CAT 2004 Question Paper conducted in February.
CAT 2003 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2003 Question Paper
CAT 2002 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2002 Question Paper
CAT 2001 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2001 Question Paper
CAT 2000 Actual Paper Actual CAT 2000 Question Paper
CAT 1999 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1999 Question Paper
CAT 1998 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1998 Question Paper  
CAT 1997 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1997 Question Paper  
CAT 1996 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1996 Question Paper  
CAT 1995 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1995 Question Paper  
CAT 1994 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1994 Question Paper  
CAT 1993 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1993 Question Paper  
CAT 1992 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1992 Question Paper  
CAT 1991 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1991 Question Paper  
CAT 1990 Actual Paper Actual CAT 1990 Question Paper  
CAT 2023
CAT is the most popular management entrance test conducted by the prestigious IIMs. Every year, IIMs and other top B-Schools shortlist candidates based on CAT scores. The exam is a prerequisite for the selection of candidates who aspire to become future managers and entrepreneurs. Candidates with good profile (academics, work experience), good performance in the test and GD-PI round are able to bag admission seat in the two-year Post Graduate Management programs offered by IIMs and other top-notch institutes like IITs, FMS, S P Jain, MDI, etc.
CAT 2023 will be held in the month of November this year. It will likely comprise 66 questions to be solved in 2 hours. The exam is conducted in three slots, at the test centres across 150 cities of India.
CAT Exam Pattern 2023
CAT is a computer-based test, made up of three sections with questions from verbal, quant, reasoning, and data interpretation. It has both MCQ and non-MCQ types of questions. Every section is timed for 40 minutes, and the order of the sections is fixed. While each correct answer fetches three marks, there is a negative marking of one mark for every incorrectly answered MCQ. Here is the sectional division of CAT exam:
  • Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC): 24
  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning (DILR): 20
  • Quantitative Aptitude (QA): 22
Important Topics of CAT
The following areas are given the highest weightage in different sections of CAT:
  • Quantitative Ability: Arithmetic, Number System, Algebra, Geometry, & Modern Math
  • Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning: Tables, Bar Graphs, Team Formation, Seating Arrangement, Clocks and Calendars, Venn Diagrams
  • Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension: Para-jumbles, Para-Summary, Long & Short RC Passages
CAT Sample Paper 2023
To succeed in tests like CAT and get a berth in top-ranked institutes, you need a well-thought study plan involving focused study, followed by enough practice. Knowing the basics of the subjects is just a part of your preparation. The actual application of the concepts takes place once you solve CAT Sample Papers. So, our experts have compiled this eBook with the latest sample questions from all sections of CAT.
Our sample papers replicate the actual exam pattern and expected question types. You will also get detailed solutions for all questions within this eBook. Download the CAT sample papers here:
cat-syllabus-book-cover Download Now
Tips to solve CAT Sample Paper
No doubt, there are several benefits of attempting CAT sample papers, you must stick to complete focus and discipline while tackling them. Here are some smart tips to approach CAT sample paper in the right way:
  • Firstly, you must do the paper within the required time limits. Also, keep in mind the time restraints for different sections. Since the top B-schools consider the sectional cut-offs, you must maintain a balance while preparing for important topics.
  • Apply the mental math tricks, shortcuts, elimination techniqueS, formulas, approximations, and similar other methods for the relevant questions.
  • During the sample test, you should ideally start with the easiest questions and the ones you are most confident about. Remember that CAT demands the right mix of speed skills and accuracy.
  • Never forget to reflect on your test performance! Since feedback is the key to improvements, make sure you see through the area you did the best and the ones where you still need to work on. Thereafter, make some alterations to your test-taking strategy and apply it to the next sample test.
Advantages of solving CAT Sample Paper
CAT exam sample papers offer you multifarious advantages and enable you to improve your scores in a systematic way. These will help you:
  • Improve your performance across all sections of the exam. Your score in these tests accurately reflects your preparation level at any particular stage.
  • Get a very good idea of where you stand vis-à-vis others and will offer guidance for further improvement.
  • Understand what works for you in actual exam-like conditions. Our Mock CATs are like a mirror; these tests/papers provide a comparative analysis and you can use this knowledge to develop a comprehensive strategy for the exam.
  • Analyze your performance and find out the flaws or the weak areas. Test analysis is another important part of your preparation journey. Only taking mock papers and getting the score is not enough. Though it may appear to be a tiresome process, it's a necessary evil if you want to score high in the actual exam.
  • Develop an overall strategy for the exam. After knowing your strengths and weaknesses, you can decide which questions to attempt first and which ones to take up later. Such minor tweaks can have a huge impact on your overall scores.
  • In managing time well across all types of questions. So, the more you practice, the better you become aware of the right time for different questions. Further, you get to enhance accuracy in solving various questions.
Regular practice of CAT model papers will lead to a rising score graph with a strong motivation for constant improvement.

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Final Word: It is good to practice from CAT sample papers and prep up your mind as per the expected exam pattern, however, you should also stay open to changes in the factors like the number of questions and time limits. In the last few years, there have been some modifications in CAT exam pattern, so it is better to be mentally prepared for the same. Nevertheless, the type of CAT questions have rarely witnessed any changes, which means you will be well-equipped to solve the questions effectively even if the structure is slightly different. Eventually, all you need to crack CAT is a strong conceptual understanding.
FAQs regarding CAT Sample Paper
1. When should I start practising CAT sample papers?
Generally, CAT aspirants begin taking mock/sample tests 1-2 months before the exam date.
2. Are the sections fixed in CAT Sample Papers?
The sequence followed in CAT sample papers is same as in the actual exam.
3. Can I prepare for CAT just by sample papers?
No, it is important to study the concepts before practising the sample/mock tests.
4. Can I use a calculator for CAT sample papers?
Candidates are not allowed to bring calculators during the CAT exam. However, you can make an onscreen calculator provided in the test.
5. How many CAT sample papers should I solve before the actual exam?
There is no such recommended number of sample tests that you need to solve. It depends upon your progress and accuracy with every test you attempt. However, it is a good idea to take 2-3 mocks every week during your CAT preparation.
6. Is the marking criteria same for MCQs and Non-MCQs?
In CAT, each correct answer is given three marks and there is a penalty of one mark for every incorrectly answered MCQ. There is no negative marking for Non-MCQs.
7. What are the number of questions in CAT sample paper?
In the latest CAT sample paper, the total number of questions is as per the last actual paper. Since there were 66 questions in CAT 2021, the sample paper will also have the same.
8. Will CAT sample papers be useful for other entrance tests?
Yes, these sample papers will help you prepare for other aptitude tests as well. This is because most entrance tests focus on similar areas as that of CAT exam.
9. What is the mode of CAT sample papers?
The latest CAT sample papers are available in computer-based mode only. However, the previous year CAT tests can be found in paper-based mode.
10. Can I appear for two slots of CAT in the same year?
No. Only one attempt is allowed per year.
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