CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers

CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers: CAT is one of the most popular MBA entrance exams in India. Each year, Lakhs of students compete for the limited seats at the prestigious IIMs and other top management schools in the country through this exam. The CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers are going to be of great use for the aspirants taking the CAT exam this year. In this article they will be able to download the free PDFs of the CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers. They will also learn some essential tips to be kept in mind when preparing for this fiercely important section of the CAT exam in this article.
CAT 2024
CAT or Common Admission Test is usually conducted on the last Sunday of November each year. This year, it is expected to be conducted on 24th November. The official notifications are most likely to be released in the month of September. The CAT exam is the gateway to the prestigious 21 IIMs and other top b-schools of our country like FMS Delhi, IITs and more. The CAT exam consists of 3 sections- Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension (VARC), Quantitative Ability (QA), Data Interpretation Logical Reasoning (DILR). All three sections hold varied weightage in the exam.
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CAT 2024 Exam Pattern
Total Questions
Total Time (in minutes)
MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) based questions
TITA (Type In The Answer) type questions
Verbal Ability and Reading Comprehension (VARC)
Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR)
Quantitative Aptitude (QA)
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The level of difficult of the CAT exam is usually moderate to difficult. It becomes even more challenging for the students due to the fact that they don’t only need to qualify for the overall cutoffs but the sectional cutoffs as well. The CAT exam is followed by the PI (Personal Interview) and the WAT (Writing Ability Test) rounds. Some institutes also conduct the GD ( Group Discussion) round as well. 
CAT QA Sample Paper
In order to practice and clear the sectional cutoff for the QA section  an aspirant must take as many sample papers and mocks as possible. Given below are the free sample papers that the aspirants can download and boost their performance for the CAT 2024 exam-
CAT QA practice paper
Download link
Sample paper - I
Sample paper - II
Sample paper - III
Sample paper - VI
Sample paper - V

Why are CAT QA Sample Papers Important?
CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers hold a great deal of importance for an aspirant and if used wisely can help the aspirants to fetch a great score in this section. Listed below are a few advantages of the CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers-
  1. Familiarity with the question types—Taking multiple QA sample papers can help you get more acquainted with the type of questions one can expect in the CAT Quantitative Ability section. This will prepare the aspirants mentally for the different question types that might come in the exam.
  2. Time management—CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers can help an aspirant cope with the sectional time limit in the CTA exam. As we know an aspirant will get 40 minutes for each section. Sample papers will help them utilise this time efficiently.
  3. Understand the exam pattern—It is essential for an aspirant to thoroughly understand the exam pattern in order to perform well in the exam. Sample papers can support the aspirant in doing so. 
  4. Boost confidence- Taking sample papers can make an aspirant more confident and build his self-confidence while taking the actual CAT exam. 
  5. Build accuracy & speed- Taking the CAT Quantitative Ability Sample Papers will help the aspirants in building their speed and accuracy which will help them attempt the sections of the cat exam quickly and with more accuracy. 
  6. Build a winning strategy- When an aspirant attempts sample papers on a regular basis, he understands the areas of his strengths and weaknesses. According to this analysis, one can build a strategy keeping in mind the concepts he is good at and the topics that he needs to work on. 
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Preparation tips for CAT QA
Here are some key preparation tips for the Quantitative Ability (QA) section of the CAT exam:
Master the basics: CAT focuses on concepts learned up to high school. Ensure you have a clear understanding of fundamental mathematical operations, algebra, geometry, trigonometry and mensuration.
Focus on accuracy: While speed is important prioritize getting answers correct over rushing through problems. A good grasp of concepts will help you avoid careless mistakes.
Learn shortcut techniques: Explore methods like Vedic Math to enhance your calculation speed and solve problems efficiently.
Practice with different difficulty levels: Start with foundational problems then gradually increase the complexity to challenge yourself.
Take mock tests and analyze them: Regularly attempt mock CAT exams to get familiar with the exam format, time constraints and question difficulty. Analyze your performance to identify areas for improvement.
Develop a question selection strategy: Not all questions carry the same weightage. Learn to identify questions you can solve quickly and accurately maximizing your score within the time limit.
Improve calculation speed: Regularly practice solving problems to boost your mental math abilities.
Enhance your reading comprehension: Many CAT QA questions involve interpreting data and applying concepts. Strong reading skills will help you understand the problem accurately.
Stay calm under pressure: The CAT exam can be stressful. Practice relaxation techniques to stay focused and composed during the test.
What topics are covered in the CAT QA section?
The CAT QA section covers a wide range of quantitative ability topics typically learned up to high school level. These include  Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Modern Math, Data Sufficiency
What is the difficulty level of the CAT QA section?
The difficulty level of the CAT QA section can be categorized as moderate to difficult. While the concepts themselves might be familiar the questions can be phrased in a challenging way requiring critical thinking and application of those concepts.
What are some resources available for CAT QA preparation?
An aspirant can refer to numerous resources available to help an aspirant prepare for the CAT QA section which includes Official CAT website, Mock test platforms, Coaching institutes such as Hitbullseye, Online resources, Books and study materials specifically designed for CAT preparation. All this is easily accessible at Hitbullseye.  
Is there a specific weightage for each topic in the CAT QA section?
The CAT exam does not disclose a specific weightage for each topic within the QA section. However some topics like Arithmetic and Algebra, generally carry more weightage than others. It's best to prepare comprehensively across all topics. 
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