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Good job opportunities are scarce and competition is intense for qualified individuals. Clearing the CAT exam and acquiring admission in top IIMs is a dream which many students harbor. Entrance tests like CAT, XAT, IIFT, and SNAP test a student’s aptitude for management education. Lakhs of students prepare for CAT (Common Admission Test) every year and aspire to gain admission for an MBA/PGDM. For 2022, CAT is scheduled for November.
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Recent Changes in CAT Exam Pattern
In the year 2018, CAT threw plenty of surprises for students with Quant as the sore point for almost all, but in 2019 quant section was a little easier and DILR was a little difficult. However, CAT 2020 was a big surprise, as it brought many changes to the exam pattern. From the reduced number of questions to the increased weightage of each section, students were required to cope with tremendous changes in a short time. Further, the number of questions was decreased even in 2021. So, in order to do well in CAT 2022, candidates must understand the need for appearing for Mocks. CAT Mock Tests help you in understanding the exam pattern and give you a real-time exam experience.
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CAT Mock Test 2022: Benefits of Taking Mock Tests
There are many benefits that students gain after taking CAT Mock tests.
  • CAT Mock tests help students to be well versed with different question types that are expected in the exam.
  • After covering the CAT syllabus, the next logical step for CAT aspirants is to learn the importance of time management and decision-making. Mock tests help students gain confidence to manage time and stress in the actual exam.
  • Through mock tests, aspirants get to revise each crucial topic in an effective way. The more tests you take, the better will be your performance in every area of CAT exam.
  • Giving Mock Tests for CAT 2022 is one of the best ways to increase your speed and accuracy in different questions.
  • Analysis of Mock Tests will present a true picture of your performance and in turn, it will enable you to minimize your mistakes. You get to identify your weak and strong areas and strategize your preparation accordingly.
  • Mock Tests serve as a yardstick to measure your performance relative to your competitors.
Free Mock CAT Series replicates the pattern and difficulty of the CAT in every respect. Such Free Mock CAT test papers expose you to different types of test questions and help you take the necessary corrective action for a better score. Our robust testing engine furnishes a detailed question-wise analysis, apart from a percentile score on an all-India basis, helping you know your relative position w.r.t. other test-takers across India.
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CAT Mock Test 2022: Tips to Remember
These practical tips need to be kept in mind at the time of taking the Free CAT Mock Test papers:
  • The Free CAT Mock Test is to be solved in one go without any rest intervals. In order to get the maximum benefit, divide your attempt into phases. In the first one, try to solve the easier questions because getting such questions right initially can boost your confidence. In the second round, try those questions, which are slightly tougher and so on.
  • Aim to solve the easiest questions quickly in the first phase, so that you can spare more time for the difficult and lengthier questions.
  • Use mental maths tricks, shortcuts, formulae, and approximations wherever possible.
  • Some questions appear lengthier but can be solved rapidly by eliminating the incorrect answer choices. With practice, you will learn to identify such questions faster.
  • You have to make sure that there is a balance between your speed and accuracy. So, avoid getting stuck on questions that you are unable to solve.
  • You should develop a knack for selecting the questions correctly. Very difficult or time-consuming questions should not be attempted or kept for the last phase.
Remember to go thorough analysis of your performance in the free mock test for CAT. It will help you discover your weaknesses and strengths and help you score better in CAT.
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