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Common Admission Test (CAT) is one of the most challenging and competitive MBA entrance test in our country. It is an online test, it was conducted on November 24, 2019. Every year, approx. 2 lakh students appear for the test across India. In the year 2018, CAT threw plenty of surprises for students with Quant as the sore point for almost all, but in 2019 quant section was a little easier and DILR was a little difficult. In order to score well in this exam, students need to thoroughly practice mock tests based on the actual exam pattern.
Free Mock CAT Series replicates the pattern and difficulty of the CAT in every respect. Such Free Mock CAT test papers expose you to different types of test questions and help you pinpoint your strengths/ weaknesses so that you can take the necessary corrective action for a better performance. Our robust testing engine furnishes a detailed question-wise analysis, apart from a percentile score on all-India basis, helping you know your relative position w.r.t. other test-takers across India.
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These practical tips need to be kept in mind at the time of taking the Free CAT Mock Test papers:
  • The Free CAT Mock Test is to be solved in one go without any rest intervals. In order to get the maximum benefit, divide your attempt into three phases. In the first one, try to solve the easier questions because getting such questions right initially can boost your confidence. In the second round, try those questions, which are slightly tougher and so on.
  • You have to make sure that there is a balance between speed and accuracy.
  • You should develop a knack of selecting the questions correctly. Very difficult or time-consuming questions should not be attempted.
Always conduct a thorough analysis of your performance in the free mock test for CAT. It will help you discover your weak and strong areas, and help you score better in CAT.
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