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Common Entrance Test Maharashtra ( CET ) or MH-MBA/MMS-CET is a computer-based test for admission to the Two-year Full Time Post Graduate Degree Courses in MBA/MMS and PGDBM/PGDM in various Universities of Maharashtra. MH-CET came back with the online test mode in 2014 after it was replaced by CMAT for a year in 2013. MH-CET is a multiple choice objective type Mock Test that consists of questions in the following areas: Verbal Ability & Reading Comprehension, Quantitative Aptitude and Logical/Abstract Reasoning.
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The CET mock tests are created to ensure sufficient exposure to all question types based on previous test experience, so that you are not caught by any surprises later. The extremely helpful analyses after the CET mock papers throw up significant pointers for future corrective action.
All CET mock test questions are pre-tested for validation and difficulty norms. So you can rest assured about the validity and the reliability of all our CET mock papers. Our testing platform is robust enough to give you all the relevant analytics at one place once the CET online test is over. After each CET online test, you can find an analysis of each test question, how many test-takers got it right or wrong etc. Additionally, you can track your own progress with graphs that give you the performance trends.
Working seriously with a CET mock test paper can provide you an insight into your performance versus others', apart from offering valuable guidance for future action. Attempting a CET mock test under test conditions will yield a score which truly reflects your preparation.
But taking a CET mock test paper and knowing your score is not enough as you also need to analyze your performance to discover your problem areas. Once you have identified the problem, you can take the necessary action to achieve the desired result in future CET mock papers. The analysis requires you to identify both the questions that you got wrong and those which you did right in the CET mock papers. You can learn important lessons after this analysis, which can help you in cases wherein you spent more time because you had approached the question wrongly. Once you know the real culprit, you can work accordingly to improve your performance.
Tips For Taking CET Mock Tests
You should keep the following things in mind while taking the CET mock test papers: Have a peaceful, well-lit, distraction-free room for the test, attempt the test in a single sitting without any breaks. First, solve the easy questions as getting such questions right initially can boost your confidence. Later, try the tougher ones and so on. Guessing helps if you can eliminate some options but wild guessing can prove suicidal. Avoid wasting unnecessary time on difficult questions and go on to the next one as the human mind can become blocked many a time. Returning to the question later may help you un-block your mind.
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