TISSNET 2022 Analysis

TISSNET is a national-level entrance test held by Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai for admission to its postgraduate courses. It is important to note that the students are also required to clear a Management Aptitude Test (TISS-MAT) for the management-related courses of TISS.For other courses, students need to take a Programme Aptitude Test (TISS-PAT). Over 40,000 candidates aspire to get admission in various master programs of the institute.
TISSNET is a computer-based test scheduled for the month of February every year. Only the qualified candidates can appear for TISSMAT, which may be conducted after or before the interview process. TISSNET is a general test that evaluates a candidate’s expertise in Mathematics, English, Reasoning, and General Knowledge. On the other hand, TISSMAT focuses specifically on business awareness and managerial data interpretation. Further, the exam pattern of TISSPAT varies from programme to programme.
TISSNET 2022 is expected to be held in the second or third week of February. Soon after the exam, the students are eager to know about their performance. Here is a detailed analysis of TISSNET and TISSMAT 2022:
TISSNET 2022: Overall Analysis
TISSNET is generally considered an easier exam compared to other entrance tests. Similar to last year, TISSNET was moderate in difficulty level, with reasoning and English being quite simple and GK section being a little tricky. Since it is more a test of time, there are a very few advanced-level questions in the exam. Given below are the major features of the TISSNET 2022:
Main Features:
  • Total Duration: 100 minutes
  • 1 mark awarded for each correct answer
  • No negative marking
  • 4-5 answer choices per question
  • Fixed order of sections
  • No sectional time limit
Demonstrated below is the detailed sectionwise break-up of TISSNET 2022:
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TISSNET 2022: Exam Structure & Pattern
No. of Questions
Total Marks
English Proficiency
Mathematics& Logical Reasoning
General Awareness
TISSNET 2022 Exam Analysis
TISSNET 2022 featured a blend of difficult and easy questions. Like always, GK section was perceived as the toughest of all sections. The rest of the sections were mostly moderate in nature. Explained below is the sectional analysis of TISSNET 2022:
English Proficiency Analysis
English Proficiency section was medium in difficulty level. There were 2 RC passages with 5 easy questions each. Other questions included Fill in the blanks, parajumbles, synonyms, antonyms, etc. Most of the questions were moderate but may call for relatively more time. There were also a few questions from verbal reasoning topics.
An attempt of 23-25 questions with a high accuracy makes up for a good score in the section. These questions can be effectively answered in 35-40 minutes.
Mathematics and Logical Reasoning Analysis
Similar to last year, Maths & LR section was moderately difficult in nature. Although the section was largely dominated by arithmetic questions, some of DI questions were time-consuming. There were also questions from geometry, mensuration, and modern maths.On the other hand, LR questions were quite simply and based on common topics like calendars,clocks, series, directions, etc.
An attempt of 22-24 questions with high accuracy suffices for an excellent score in the section. These questions can be solved in about 40 minutes.
General Awareness Analysis
The most important and toughest section of TISSNET, General awareness emphasised almost equally on static GK and current affairs. The section covered nearly every area of static GK like art, geography, history, science,sports, awards, books, business & economy, polity, etc. The current GK part was comparatively easier to handle.
All the questions of GK can be answered in around 20 minutes.
TISSMAT 2022: Overall Analysis
Introduced in 2020, TISSMAT is conducted for admission to MA (Human Resource Management & Labour Relations) and MA (Organization Development, Change and Leadership).It is a computer-based test of moderate difficulty level. Apart from the objective sections, the exam also comprises a descriptive writing part. Listed below are the key features of TISSMAT 2022:
Main Features:
  • Total Duration: 45 minutes
  • 1 mark awarded for each correct answer (MCQs)
  • Penalty of 0.25 marks for each incorrect answer
  • No sectional time limits
Illustrated below is the sectional break-up of TISSMAT 2022:
TISSMAT 2022: Exam Structure & Pattern
No. of Questions
Management Data Interpretation
Business Awareness
Descriptive Writing
TISSMAT 2022 Exam Analysis
TISSMAT 2022 featured questions of moderate difficulty level. While the DI section was easy to tackle, the other two sections were slightly tough in nature.Glimpse through the complete sectionwise analysis of TISSMAT 2022:
Comprehension Analysis
Comprehension section was medium in difficulty level, with 2 RC passages with 7-8 questions each. While one passage was short and easy to understand, the other was fairly long and entailed a broad analysis of data.
An attempt of 10 questions in 11-12 minutes is ideal for a good score in the section.
Management Data Interpretation Analysis
DI section was a quite easy to solve, with a total of 3 sets based on pie charts and bar graphs. Each set was accompanied by 5 questions each.
An attempt of 11 questions in 12-13 minutes works well to ace the section.
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Business Awareness Analysis
This is similar to the GK section of TISSNET but with lesser level of difficulty. Also, the section is entirely focussed on questions from business field. In TISSMAT 2022, the business awareness questions were more from static GK and less from current GK.
An attempt of 6 questions suffices for a good performance in the section.
Descriptive Writing Analysis
Descriptive Writing topics are primarily fetched from political, social, business, economics and related areas. The topics could be dealt well if you are familiar with the popular topics of the above-stated fields.
Along with the aforementioned tests, candidates need to clear a personal interview for admission to the desired programme.
NOTE: An actual in-depth analysis of TISSNET and TISSMAT 2022 done by our experts will be available here on the day of the exam.
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