How to prepare for TISSNET?

TISSNET 2024 has been cancelled and instead will be accepting the CUET (PG) scores for all its Postgraduate (Master's degree) programs
“The will to succeed is important, but what's more important is the will to prepare.” ~Bobby Knight.
If you want to ace the TISSNET exam, you must have a proper study schedule and strategy in place. In this article, we present a detailed section-wise strategy for TISSNET preparation 2024.
TISSNET is an objective test that evaluates the general aptitude and knowledge of the candidates. Composed of three sections, the exam assesses your skills in English, Mathematics, Reasoning and General Awareness. The duration of TISSNET is 100 minutes and there are no sectional limits. So, it is important that you balance time well among different sections and work as per your strengths.
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TISSNET Preparation Strategy - Overview
The paper can be split into three parts: concept-driven, practice intensive and environment sensitive.
  • Mathematics & select areas of English Language Proficiency are concept-driven and it is suggested that you brush up your fundamentals in these areas to develop the required competence.
  • Logical Reasoning and select areas of English Language Proficiency are practice intensive and it is recommended that you practice across a good number of similar questions to build desired comfort levels.
  • The General Awareness section is environment-sensitive and demands you to prepare both current and static components of awareness. Following is a section-wise strategy for TISSNET preparation, with specific mention of thrust areas in each section:-
TISSNET Preparation Strategy: General Awareness
This section poses a challenge to the test taker on account of its vastness; just about every event seems to qualify from a test perspective. However, understanding the priority areas in the past could help to develop a more convergent approach. Candidates preparing for TISS-NET should understand that there is a sectional-cut off for General Awareness. Therefore, thorough preparation for this section is extremely important. Follow the given tips to ace the GK section of TISSNET:
  • Firstly, you must develop a regular habit of reading newspapers and stay abreast of the current national and international events.
  • For static GK areas like history, politics, geography, and economics; you must keep notes of important dates. Similarly, you should jot down facts related to awards and famous personalities.
  • A good way to remember static GK facts is by connecting them to the latest events or issues.
TISSNET Preparation Strategy: Mathematics & Logical Reasoning
Conventional preparation of this section demands comfort levels in the modules of Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry and Modern Maths. Also, you need to be aware of the common reasoning topics based on puzzles, Venn diagrams, etc. Here are the best tips to ace Mathematics & Logical Reasoning section of TISSNET:
  • Begin with learning about the basic concepts of mathematics
  • Once you are clear with concepts of any topic, practice the related questions. It will prove beneficial if you learn and apply your knowledge side by side.
  • Learn shortcuts, tricks, and approximation techniques to tackle the calculative and time-consuming areas of mathematics.
  • In case of Logical Reasoning questions, follow the given ways:
    1. Identify patterns in number sets
    2. Figure out Relationships and connections among the stated data and facts.
    3. Determine validity of conclusions based on given premises.
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TISSNET Preparation Strategy: English Proficiency
This section involves areas that test your grammatical and comprehension skills. Keep the following things in mind while preparing for English proficiency section:
  • Brush up the fundamental rules and conventions of grammar and parts of speech. There are several good books and online resources available for same.
  • Develop a habit of reading books, magazines, and newspapers. Reflect on the given articles, after every reading. This will improve your skills in handling Reading Comprehension passages. Take note of new words you come across.
  • Finally, test your grammar and vocabulary with practice papers and mock tests.
Final Tips for TISSNET Preparation
Overall, it would help you to follow a three-pronged approach:-
  • Having a structured approach to preparation will help you to master each section. Focus on concept knowledge and enhance your knowledge by covering each topic mentioned above.
  • Practicing questions of varying difficulty levels will further boost your performance. Time management and question-choice are major points that the candidate preparing for TISS-NET should keep in mind.
  • Develop a test-taking approach by practising mock tests. These tests will help you to build up the necessary test-taking skills like time management, prioritization and striking the right balance between accuracy and speed.
Lastly, you must practice previous year papers and mock tests to finetune your TISSNET preparation.
About TISS
TISSNET is held by Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, popularly known as TISS. The institute offers a range of Masters' programs at various campuses. In case of management aspirants, the most sought-after courses are M.A. in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations or Social Entrepreneurship or Organisation Development, Change and Leadership. Several candidates appear for TISSNET every year and compete against the limited set of seats for each course.
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