Strategy to Crack Verbal Section of TISSNET

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai offers a range of Masters’ programs at various campuses. M.A in Human Resource Management & Labour Relations is of prime interest to management aspirants. TISS conducts a National Entrance Test called TISSNET. The TISSNET has 3 sections, namely, General Knowledge, Mathematics & Logical Reasoning, and English Proficiency.
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TISSNET Verbal Ability
The English Proficiency section of the TISSNET tests candidates in Verbal Ability. This section has 30 questions of moderate to tough difficulty level. The questions are a mix of Reading Comprehension and English Usage.
The level of difficulty of Reading Comprehension in 2019 was easy to moderate and it was similar to 2017 as compared to 2016. Out of total 5 questions, 4 were easy and one question was moderate. The passage dealt with ‘Nutrition, proteins and mutation of injuries’ and was about 400-450 words long.
TISSNET Non-RC questions
Majority of the questions in 2019 were from the non-RC part of the TISSNET English Proficiency section. The topics from English Usage included Analogy, Fill in the blanks (idiom- based), Odd Man Out, Fill in the Blanks (Single- Blank), Sentence Error Correction. The overall level of difficulty of the questions was easy to moderate.
Preparation Strategy
Out of the total time of 100 minutes, you should spend 25-30 minutes to solve this section in TISSNET 2020. Since there is no negative marking, you should target an attempt of 26-28 questions. Also, to score well, you should increase your reading speed and concentration over long time periods. For this, you must read editorial/ opinion sections of reputed national dailies like The Hindu. Practicing a number of Mock Tests will also help in this regard.
You must maintain an accuracy level of 70-80 percent in the paper. This requires practicing a lot of usage-based questions like sentence completion, analogy based questions, which are commonly seen in the TISSNET Verbal section. Further, you must focus on building your vocabulary as a number of questions based on synonyms, antonyms, word meanings, etc. are commonly asked.
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