TISSNET Preparation books- A comprehensive list of books for TISSNET

TISSNET 2024 has been cancelled and instead will be accepting the CUET (PG) scores for all its Postgraduate (Master's degree) programs
"The best preparation for tomorrow is doing your best today." - H. Jackson Brown
Once you have decided to prepare for TISSNET, you must begin by getting the right books for its important topics. TISSNET is based on three major areas, namely General Awareness, English Proficiency, and Maths & Logical Reasoning.
There are a lot of books in the market that claim to be the best for TISSNET preparation, making it difficult for candidates to decide which one to follow. To help you with the same, our experts have shortlisted the most reliable and best books for different sections. TISSNET preparation books will also be helpful to those candidates who are preparing for other MBA entrance exams. Here is a list of some of the best TISSNET books for various sections.
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TISSNET eBooks by Hitbullseye
Keeping in mind the latest exam pattern of TISSNET, our mentors have come up with comprehesive eBooks for TISSNET preparation. These books will provide you with conceptual clarity on all the key topics of all sections. Also, in our TISSNET preparation books, you will come across a good many practice questions to assess your level of preparation. A few eBooks are specifically devised to cast light on advanced shortcuts and strategies to be followed for different question types. Download these eBooks and start your TISSNET preparation.
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Books for Mathematics & Logical Reasoning
These books are a valuable resource for TISSNET exam preparation. The content is meticulously crafted, making challenging quantitative problems accessible and solvable. With clear explanations, a wide range of practice questions, and detailed solution strategies, it caters to both beginners and advanced learners. The book's insightful approach towards the Math section ensures a smooth and progressive learning experience. It includes tips, tricks, common pitfalls, and time management strategies that enhance problem-solving skills and boost confidence. The practice questions reflect the latest MBA Exam trends, providing comprehensive preparation for any question type. Emphasizing conceptual clarity, it builds a strong foundation in fundamental concepts. Illustrative examples and practice exercises reinforce understanding and aid retention. Online support and additional resources provided with the book add immense value. This study material is considered the best for MBA, a must-have for MBA aspirants aiming to conquer the QA section with confidence and competence.
Hitbullseye's 'Math Formulae & Concept Revision' is another excellent resource for mathematical learning. This book provides a comprehensive collection of formulas and concepts, presented with clarity. The book is meticulously organized, simplifying challenging topics into understandable segments. It serves as a comprehensive guide for MBA-CMAT exams, ensuring thorough preparation. The attention to detail in explaining each formula and concept is remarkable, with practical examples and real-world applications included to enhance understanding. Moreover, the book emphasizes the importance of revision for long-term retention and problem-solving skills.
The recommended resource for TISSNET exam preparation, particularly for the Logical Reasoning (LR) section, offers a methodical and detailed approach to tackling these types of problems. It breaks down complex concepts into manageable parts and progressively introduces them with examples of increasing difficulty, ensuring a thorough understanding. With a wide variety of practice questions that reflect the range and depth of NMAT exam questions, the book serves as a comprehensive training ground for aspirants.
Logical Reasoning is a tricky section which needs to be attempted several times before the actual exam day for practice. This will help in the better set- selection and avoiding any surprises on the day of the exam. Also managing the time and attempting the questions within 40 mins is a crucial skill for this section.
Books for English Proficiency
The English book series offers comprehensive coverage for various MBA exams like TISSNET, GRE, and GMAT. These books provide focused content on essential areas such as Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Verbal skills. Focus on choosing a strategic learning structure that includes theory, strategic planning, and targeted practice, students can study methodically and systematically to achieve optimal outcomes. The series also ensures in-depth explanations and diverse question sets to fully equip students to tackle examination questions. Emphasizing analytical thinking and strategic preparation, this series aims to enhance students' preparedness and increase their chances of success in competitive exams.
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Books for General Awareness
This is one of the most important and toughest sections of TISSNET. The syllabus for this is also very vast. The questions are based on national and international current affairs, social issues in India and the world etc. Although there is no single book which can help you prepare this part, you can refer to a combination of all these books-
  • Competition Success Review
  • Manorama Year Book
  • Pratiyogita Darpan
For more resources on general knowledge, you can log on to gk.hitbullseye.com.
Along with studying the above-mentioned TISSNET preparation books, it is recommended that you take mock tests. This will help you analyse your strengths and weaknesses and work on them accordingly.
TISSNET is a computer-based exam conducted by the Tata Institute of Social Sciences for admission to their masters programmes, the most popular being Human Resource Management and Labour Relations. This exam is highly popular among MBA aspirants as the M.A. (HRM) course offered by TISS is equivalent in value to an MBA in HR.
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