IIFT 2022 Analysis

This year IIFT exam was conducted on 18 December by National Testing Agency and exam was computer based. The pattern was same as it was the last year. There were 4 sections namely QR, RC&VA, DI&LR, GA with a total of 110 questions. QR section was tough& lengthy this year.  Both DI& LR were easier this time. Vocabulary was moderate to tough in RC&VA section. This year difficulty level GK was moderate & had fair mix of static & current GK. To maintain the cutoff in all 4 sections, time management was the key. Students had to scroll right and left frequently to read the questions and then options. It is to be noted that IIFT has its short listing criteria; with around 73% weightage allotted to the exam score and remaining to the academic profile and diversity. There were reports of technical glitches such as interface & speed issues, non-availability of rough sheets, timer not working etc.  at many test centers. Overall feel of the paper was moderate to tough.
The break-up for the four sections was as follow:
No. of Questions
Marks per Questions
Total Marks
Negative Marks/Questions
Section - 1
Quantitative Reasoning
Section - 2
RC & Verbal Ability
Section - 3
DI & Logical Reasoning
Section - 4
General Awareness
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Overview of the IIFT 2022 Paper
Time Allotted
Total no. of questions
110 (300 Marks)
Number of choices
IIFT 2022 Question Paper
IIFT 2022 Key Explanations
Expected cutoff and Good Attempt
Good Attempt (Number of questions)
Quantitative Reasoning
Verbal Ability & RC
Data Interpretation & LR
General Awareness
Expected overall Cut-Off Score
The expected overall score at which one can expect a call from IIFT will be around 105-110 marks if you have a good profile. Remember, you need to clear the individual sectional cut-offs as well.
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Section I: Quantitative Reasoning
Evaluation: This section was the most difficult and questions were comparatively lengthier. The questions were based on Arithmetic (8-10), Algebra (6), Geometry and Mensuration (4) and rest were from probability, clocks/calendar, height & distance, & Numbers. There were only 1-2 direct doable questions and rest doable questions were a bit twisted. Overall feel of this section was difficult.
Attempt by Good Student: 8-10
Section II: Verbal Ability & RC
Evaluation: The RCs were easy to moderate in terms of difficulty level. There were four passages with four questions each. Two passages were easy to moderate & two passages were moderate to tough. The passages were based on ‘subconscious mind & behaviour’, currency manipulation, geopolitical power shifting & globalization & product cycles. Student could have easily solved 2-3 passages in the given time. The Verbal Ability portion of the exam had an extremely strong emphasis on Vocabulary. The questions were based on, match the word with their meanings, crossword, root words, idiom/phrases, spellings& direct vocabulary etc.As the words asked were difficult so it was difficult for the students to even guess the meaning of the words except one or two questions The overall feel of this section was easy to moderate.
Attempt by Good Student: 18-20
Section III: - Data Interpretation & LR
Evaluation: This year both LR & DI in this section were easy in comparison to last year. As this was the easiest of all the sections so this year it could be a game changer. Questions were based on all the conventional types as seen in IIFT such as tables, stacked data, pie chart etc. One block on Tokyo Olympics was very easy and was must do. In logical reasoning there were blocks with a few questions but with less information so one had a choice of selecting the block to be solved. Remaining DI blocks were also easy. There were no questions on conventional reasoning such as coding -decoding, blood relation etc., which were there in last year. In reasoning section, all the questions were based on analytical & logical reasoning.
Attempt by Good Student: 14-16
Section IV: General Awareness
Evaluation: The General Awareness section had questions from various topics and tested the candidate across all areas. The section had questions on static &current GK. The overall feel of GK section was moderate. The expected attempts will again be low.
Attempt by Good Student: 8-10
Disclaimer: All the above given information is based on personal opinion of Hitbullseye Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs however, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs.
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