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IIFT exam is conducted for admission in Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, one of the most reputed institutes for MBA in International Business. With almost 40,000 students vying for 420 coveted seats, this exam is one of the most challenging MBA entrance exams. In order to crack this exam, students should practice a lot of mock tests in a simulated environment to get real time percentiles and benchmark their performance.

Here, you can access the latest mock test for IIFT 2022.

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IIFT Mock Test 2022
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Tips for taking IIFT Mock Tests

In order to crack the IIFT exam, students must follow a two-fold approach. Firstly, they should clear the basics of all the topics. Secondly, it is very important that they must solve a lot of mock tests since mock tests simulate real exam-like environment and check the application of the concepts by the student. Further, you must remember the following things while taking a mock test:

  • Start with attempting the easiest and least time-consuming questions.
  • Donot get stuck in a particular question, else you end up wasting time.
  • After the test, make it a point to look into your incorrect answers and re-plan your preparation strategy accordingly.
  • Since there is no sectional time limit in IIFT, do determine the amount of time you need to spend in each section.
  • Execute your exam-taking strategy while taking a mock test, and keep modifying it until you get to the one that fits you best.
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The best advantage of mock tests is that you gain accuracy and speed after taking a good number of tests. Our portal contains several free IIFT Mock Papers and the IIFT previous years papers to provide you a holistic view of the IIFT exam, test areas and style. These IIFT mock papers help you get familiarized with the IIFT exam in all respects. Additionally, you can learn better time management by taking these tests. Students should also solve previous year papers in an exam like environment.

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After each test, we will provide an in-depth analysis of your performance so that you get to know your strong and weak areas. These mock tests replicate the actual test experience for you and will go a long way in helping you crack the exam. However, remember that you shouldn't rigidly fixate your expectations the types of questions that are asked in mock tests. In other words, stay open to a bit of surprise in the final exam.

Happy Preparation!

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