Actual IIFT Previous Year Essay, GDPI Questions

Indian Institute of Foreign Trade is renowned for its MBA in International Business besides other MBA programs. After conducting the written exam, IIFT conducts a round of Group Discussion, Essay Writing and Personal Interview for the shortlisted candidates.

IIFT Group Discussion Topics

Group Discussion or GD, is used by an organization (company, institute, business school etc) to gauge whether a candidate has certain personality traits like communication skills, leadership, teamwork etc.

In IIFT, GDs are conducted as a part of the second round of the admission process. The average duration of the GD is 15 minutes and the group usually has 12 participants. Once a topic is given, participants are given 2 minutes to think, and then the GD commences. The topics in IIFT vary from general topics like, “Should School Children be allowed to use Mobile Phones" to current affairs related topics like, "Swachh Bharat Abhiyan". Following is a list of GD topics asked in 2017 Group discussion round of IIFT:

  • End of Globalization/ De-Globalization/ Nationalization
  • Climate Change/Pollution
  • Retirement Homes: Do advantages of living in them outweigh the disadvantages?
  • Social Media: Impact on human behavior and society
  • Impact of technology on Jobs
  • #Me too campaign
  • Crypto Currency/ Bitcoin
  • Banking Scams
  • Mars Mission for India Justified?
  • Decline in open spaces and playgrounds can lead to negative tendencies in children
  • Is India ready for cashless Economy?
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IIFT Essay Writing Topics

The next step in the selection procedure is essay writing. As effective writing skills are a pre-requisite for global professionals, IIFT has included this round along with the GD/PI Process. Candidates are required to write an essay of 300 words in 20 minutes.

An essay is a reflection of one's personality. It checks the written communication skills, knowledge level and logical thinking ability of the candidate. An essay can be deemed as a good essay only if it has good content, organization and presentation. Few topics that have come in IIFT essay writing are:

  • Promoting tourism in India.
  • Developing an entrepreneurial ecosystem in India.
  • Ensuring gender diversity in Indian work force.
  • Making Indian Banking system more inclusive.
  • Concept of smart city
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IIFT Personal Interview Questions

A Personal Interview is a great opportunity for candidates to showcase their skills and strengths. It's a chance to show how they are a perfect fit for the particular institute or position. On the other hand, it gives the chance to the panellists to evaluate the personality of the candidate. In the IIFT interview, there are generally 3 panellists. Two of the panellists are faculty members and 1 is an alumnus. The kind of questions and number of questions asked to the candidates can vary from person to person, but the personal interview is designed to know about you.

Typically, interview questions can be of different types, like a personality-based question, which focus on the strengths, weaknesses, achievements, failures and goals of an individual. Questions regarding Academics focus on an individual's academic and extracurricular performance. There can also be current affairs or career planning based questions. Based on excerpts of the interview given by our candidates, following are few interview experiences:

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Excerpts from Interview 1 -(10th – 85.2%, 12th – 84.4%, B Tech (Mechanical) – 73.27% IIFT – 96.33%ile) - Introduce yourself, Questions about the reasons of leaving National defence academy, Questions regarding aviation industry (mentioned aviation in CV as well as in introduction), Which is the 1st low cost airline of world, Does Lufthansa have a low cost wing, What is the number of international airlines in India, Why don't you join aviation sector as an engineer, Tell us one instance showing your strength, Tell us one instance showing your weakness, Name the all-time best defenders of Indian football, Name the highest goal scorer of India .

Excerpts from Interview 2 - (BE-Chemical) - Why did you chose chemical engineering, Why MBA? I see both of your parents are in banking, have you ever considered joining it, What is RBI, What does it do, How does it control inflation, What is repo rate and reverse repo rate, What is CRR, What is the current problem banks are facing, What has RBI done to counter the rise in NPA’s, Name some other countries central banks, What is the difference between WTO and IMF, What are your Hobbies, Same companies offer same job, one in foreign and other in India, Which would you choose and why, Name some consulting companies you are aware of, Rank them according to revenue.