XAT 2023 Analysis

XAT 2023 paper was slightly easier than XAT 2022in terms of difficulty level. This time ‘Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation’ section was easy to moderate. The RCs in verbal section, as usual, had close options.  Essay writing was included in part II of the paper. This year, the number of MCQs were 76 for part 1 & 25 (GK) in part II. Total time for this section was 175 minutes for part I and 30 minutes for part II. There was penalty for un-attempted questions (after 8 questions) and it was only of 0.10 marks. However, this feature is not going to affect the overall score significantly. There were no NON-MCQ (TITA) questions this year also. The essay of only shortlisted candidates will be assessed. Primarily GK & essay writing is considered by XLRI & a few top colleges for selection. The overall feel of the paper was moderate.
Overview of the Paper:
The paper had two parts: Part I and Part II. Part I was main question paper and Part II was based on General knowledge. Part I had three sections A, B and C with 26, 22 and 28 questions respectively, a total of 76 questions. The three sections of Part I were followed by Part II that had 25 questions on General knowledge.  One was expected to answer first three sections in 175 minutes and General knowledge & Essay in 30 minutes. It was required for students to answer questions from all sections and expected to maximize score in each section. Marks in Part II can be used by selective institutes at the time of final selection. These scores will not be used for shortlisting candidates for Interview/GD. The three sections were as follows:
Overview of Different Sections
Total Marks
Verbal and Logical Reasoning
Easy to Moderate
Decision Making
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
Easy to Moderate
General knowledge
Easy to Moderate
Essay Writing
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Expected Cutoff's
Score of 32+ 
Score of 30+ 
Score of 28+
Score of 25+ 
Great Lakes, TAPMI, IMT-G
Score of 22+ 
Score of 18+ 
SECTION I: Verbal & Logical Reasoning
No. of Questions
Sentence Rearrangement
Sentence Completion/Cloze
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Evaluation: The Verbal section was easy to moderate. The questions were based on Reading Comprehension, Critical reasoning, Sentence Rearrangement, & grammar. There were five RCs including one based on a poem. The length of the passages was moderate. There was one RC based on short a poem based on a persons present and past life. One RC was based on ‘way of interpretation’. One was based onimportance of story for inspiring future. One was based on procrastination. One was based on business and global warming. The options in the RCs were very close therefore this section was a little time-consuming. Almost half of the questions in RCs were inferential. In order to answer the questions correctly it was imperative for the candidates to identify the traps set by the examiners. The section was dominated by reading comprehensions and conventional critical reasoning. The questions on grammar were based on fundamentals (including one from punctuation). The overall feel of this section was easy to moderate
Good Attempt: 20-22
SECTION II: Decision Making
No. of Questions
Decision Making
Evaluation: All Decision-Making questions carried equal marks. Decision Making consisted of 22 Questions based on contexts. Most of questions were doable and options were too close. The questions were based on Case lets and Case Studies taken from various areas like business organization, small business units, and context-based problem and solution. The cases ranged from recruitment, moonlighting to sexual harassment concerns in work place. The cases primarily moved around ethics. Overall difficulty level of the section was moderate.
Good Attempt: 16-18
SECTION III: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
The level of Quant and DI was easy to moderate. In Quant there were 22 question and in DI 6 questions. DI was comparatively tougher than Quant. The Quant questions were primarily from Arithmetic and Geometry. There were around 9- 10 questions from Arithmetic and around 5-6 questions from Geometry. Rest 6 questions were from Numbers Algebraand Probabilityetc. There were some questions in Quant having close choices. In DI there were 2 blocks of 3 questions each. One DI block was easy (on covid) while another was difficult (multiple graphs).Again, selection of question was very important to score decent marks in this section.
Good Attempt: 16 - 18
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General Knowledge
There were 25 questions in General Knowledge consisting of Static GK based questions covering Books, Geography, art forms of states, History etc. and Current Questions based on Science and Technology, Economic Data and General terms etc. Questions included like of FIFA 2022 based, autobiographies, parent company names.The level of this section was moderate. Since there was no negative marking in this section so by using guesswork or by elimination of options, one could have got 6-7 questions correct in addition to what one knew actually.
Good Attempt: 12-14
Essay Writing
The students have to select one topic from three given topics. One of topics was ‘risk taking is essential or not and other was on rapid decarbonization in Indian context.And the third one was about people who half logical skill but they are smart worker as they don’t doubt about themselves. The essays required critical reasoning to analyses the topics. However, all the topics were manageable in terms of understanding them and then to reflect on them in writing.
*Disclaimer: All the above given information is based on personal opinion of Hitbullseye Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs. However, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs.
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