XAT 2022 Analysis

One of the oldest MBA entrance tests, XAT (Xavier Aptitude Test), is conducted by XLRI annually in the month of January. XAT counts among the most difficult exams in India. Its scores are accepted by 11 member institutes of XAMI and 150+ other reputed B-schools of the country.
XAT 2022 will be held on 2nd January and the result will be declared almost two weeks after the exam. More than 90,000 candidates compete in XAT every year for the limited number of admission seats in high-ranking B-schools. Hence, students are keen to learn about their performance soon after the exam. In this article, you will learn about the detailed sectionwise analysis of XAT 2022.
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XAT 2022: Overall Analysis
XAT 2022 consisted of two parts, with part-I focusing on verbal, quantitative, and decision-making aptitude, and part-II comprising of GK-based questions. There are a total of 100 questions in XAT to be solved in 180 minutes. It is to be noted that there is no sectional time limit for the part-I of the paper.
XAT 2022 was slightly more difficult than the last year exam. Listed below are the major features of XAT 2022:
  • 1 mark awarded for every correct answer
  • Penalty of 0.25 marks for each wrong answer in Part I
  • Penalty of 0.10 marks after every 8 unattempted questions in Part I
  • No negative marking in Part II
  • 5 choices per question
  • No Non-MCQ (TITA) in the exam
  • Level: Moderate to Difficult
Since 2020, the total time limit has been reduced and the penalty criteria have been modified for unattempted questions. Also, the exam no longer features any essay-writing section as was seen until 2019. Illustrated below is the precise break-up of the different parts of XAT 2022:
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XAT 2022: Exam Structure & Pattern
XAT 2022 Exam Sections
Number of Questions
Main Section
Individual parts
Quantitative Analysis
Data Interpretation
Verbal Ability
Logical Reasoning
Decision Making
Logical Reasoning
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XAT 2022: Section-wise Analysis
While the overall difficulty of XAT exam was on the higher side, verbal section remained more or less the same in the difficulty level. The other sections were comparatively trickier than the previous year exam. Explained below is the accurate analysis of different sections in XAT 2022:
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation (QA & DI) Analysis
QA & DI section was also 'moderate to tough' in terms of difficulty level. While the Quant part primarily constituted of algebra and geometry questions, the DI portion featured 3 sets of 3 questions each. One of the DI sets was quite easy and doable. There was a set of 3 time-consuming and difficult questions based on Venn diagrams. Questions from topics like simple interest/compound interest, TSD, and Ratio were relatively easy.
An attempt of 16-18 questions with high accuracy can help you get a high score in the section.
Verbal Ability and Logical Reasoning (VA & LR) Analysis
VA& LR section was also‘moderate to tough’ in difficulty level. Verbal questions involved Reading Comprehension, Sentence Rearrangement, Critical reasoning, & Grammar-based questions. There were 6-7 RC passages of medium length and some of the related questions revolved around critical reasoning. Besides, the answer choices were quite close in meaning and thus, turned time-consuming and tricky for candidates. The section emphasised mainly on RCs and critical reasoning. Further, the grammar-based questions were fundamental in nature.
An attempt of 14-16 questions with high accuracy suffices for a good percentile in the section.
Decision-Making (DM) Analysis
DM section was moderate in difficulty level. Most of its questions were context-based with the answer options too close in meaning. The questions mostly included case studies and caselets from ethics and business. Most of the sets were short in length and pretty understandable.
An attempt of 13-15 questions with high accuracy is sure to lead you to good percentile.
General Knowledge (GK) Analysis
GK section was moderate in level of difficulty. It incorporated questions from Static as well as Current GK. While Static GK covered questions related to Books, art forms, Geography, and History, Current GK mainly featured questions from Economic Data, Science and Technology, and associated terminology.
As there is no negative marking in the section, you can easily attempt 7-8 questions for a good score.
After estimating your XAT score and percentile, you should start preparation for the next stages of admission.
NOTE: An actual detailed analysis of XAT 2022 done by our experts will be available on the day of the exam.
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