XAT 2015 Analysis

The difficulty level of XAT 2015 was almost similar to XAT 2014. There was a slight increase in the number of question i.e. 84 from 83. Keeping these facts in mind, the cutoffs are likely to be comparable to those of the last year.
Overview of the Paper:
The paper had two parts: Part I and Part II. Part I had three sections A, B and C with 28, 23 and 33 questions, respectively, i.e. a total of 84 questions. The three sections of Part I were followed by Part II that had 30 questions on General Knowledge and an Essay Topic. The time allotted for Part I was 100 minutes and Part II had to be attempted in 40 minutes. All XAT affiliated institutes use general knowledge and essay marks at the time of final selection and not for short-listing candidates for the GD/ PI round. The three sections were as follows:
Overview of the XAT 2015 Paper
Time allotted140 Minutes (for Part I) + 40 Minutes (for Part II)
Total no. of questions84 + 30 (For GK)
Marking SchemeAll questions were of equal marks
Number of choices5
Number of choices1/4
Expected cut-offs *Score of 28+ (approx. 95+%ile): can expect a call from XLRI(BM)
Score of 26+ (approx. 92+%ile): can expect a call from XLRI(HR)
Score of 22+ (approx. 85+%ile): can expect a call from GIM/XIMB
Score of 19+ (approx. 80+%ile): can expect a call from LIBA/BIM
Score of 17+ (approx. 70+%ile): can expect a call from XIME/XISS
Overview of Different Sections
SectionsNumber of QuestionsDifficulty Level
Verbal Ability28Moderate
Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning23Moderate to Tough
Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation31Tough
SECTION I: Verbal and Logical Ability
Area TestedDescriptionNo. of Questions
Verbal AbilityRC13
Sentence Rearrangement2
Sentence Completion2
The verbal section was dominated by Reading Comprehension & Critical Reasoning based questions.There were questions on vocabulary, Para jumbles and sentence completion and sentence rearrangement.In reading comprehension, a few questions were based on critical reasoning. Overall level of difficulty of the section was moderate to tough.
Comfortable Attempt: 14+
Achievable Score: 8+
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SECTION II: Decision Making and Analytical Reasoning
Area TestedDescriptionNo. of Questions
Decision MakingDecision Making23
All Decision Making questions were of equal marks and were a combination of Decision Making and Case based reasoning questions. Overall, the difficulty level of the section was moderate to tough.
Comfortable Attempt: 14+
Achievable Score: 9+
SECTION III: Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation
Area TestedDescriptionNo. of Questions
Quantitative AbilityAlgebra and Functions4
Number System4
Co-ordinate Geometry1
Arithmetic sequence1
Tables Chart4
Multiple Graph4
Profit and Loss1
The feel of this section was tough. There were no direct questions asked in this section. In DI also, the graphs were difficult to interpret and the question required intensive calculations.
Comfortable Attempt: 12+
Achievable Score: 8+
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General Awareness
There were 30 questions in general awareness consisting of Static GK based questions covering Books and Awards, Geography, History etc. Current GK questions were from Sports, Politics, Science and Technology, Economics Data etc. The difficulty level was generally high.
Comfortable Attempt: 12+
Achievable Score: 8+
Essay Topic
Apart from this students had to write an essay of not more than 200 words, on the following topic: 'Listening is a dying art. We hardly listen to understand, we only listen to refute or reply.'It was an abstract topic but of moderate level of difficulty. Students could write about the importance of listening skills.