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XAT Exam Consists of only one paper this year. It consists of objective type questions from the following sections: Verbal & Logical Reasoning, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation, General Knowledge.As an exam, XAT is tough to crack because of the intense competition and the high level of difficulty. In order to do well in this exam, it is important for test takers to develop an understanding of the XAT syllabus.
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Mock tests stimulate real-time test like conditions and thus help you to condition yourself for stress free performance during the actual test. Additionally they also help you to improve your time management skills. Our portal contains several mock tests and previous years' papers to help you prepare well for the exam. Also, we provide in-depth sectional analysis to help you recognize your areas of strengths and weaknesses.
To ace in the preparation for XAT, it is very important to improve your accuracy and identify the right type of questions to attempt. A spearheaded and smart approach is very essential while attempting the questions in this exam. It is better to skip to the next question if you are not sure about it rather than waste time and land up with negative marks for it. Since the exam is paper based, it gets easier to sift through the questions easily to get a general feel of the paper.
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Tips for XAT Mock Tests:
The following tips will help you make the most of our XAT Mock Tests:
  • Since XAT is a paper based test, it is easier and advisable to sift through questions so that you can get a general feel of the paper.
  • Attempt easy questions first. Getting such questions right initially can give you an extra shot of confidence. You can always come back to the tougher ones later.
  • Keep up the speed of solving questions without compromising on your accuracy. Guessing can be helpful if done sensibly but random guessing will lead to negative marking.
  • Avoid wasting unnecessary time on difficult questions if you are unable to crack through them. It will help you to avoid a mental block and also save time. You may return to such questions later, if time permits.
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