SNAP 2015 Analysis

SNAP 2015 was more or less same as that of last year's. The number of questions and the marking scheme were exactly the same. Overall the feel of the paper was slightly difficult than last year's SNAP Paper, so one can expect a bit lower cutoffs than last year's. There were a few surprises in Verbal section and Reasoning was also bit difficult. Quant section was almost similar in terms of difficulty level.
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Overview of the paper:
There were 150 questions (4 Sections) in all and the time allotted was 2 hrs. The four sections were as follows:
Overview Of Different Sections:
Sections Total Marks Level No. of questions
General English 40 40 Moderate
Quantitative Aptitude, DI & DS 40 40 Moderate
General Awareness 40 40 Moderate to Tough
Analytical & Logical Reasoning 60 30 Moderate
Total 180 150  
SNAP Prep Course
Overview of the SNAP Paper
Time allotted 2 Hrs.
Total no. of questions 150
Total Marks 180
Marking Scheme Different for different sections
Sections 4
Number of choices 4
Negative Marking 1/4
Expected Cutoff's
Score of 86-90 can expect a call from SIBM Pune & SCMHRD(Pune)
Score of 83-86 can expect a call from SIBM (Bengaluru) & SIIB(IB) Pune
Score of 80-83 can expect a call from SIOM (Nasik)
Score of 57-67 can expect a call from SITM, SCIT, SIIB (other courses).
Score of 37-52 can expect a call from SSBM, SICSR, SIMS, SIHM, SIMC and others.
SECTION I: General English
Evaluation: This year verbal section had a fair mix of various types of general verbal questions ranging from grammar, vocabulary, fill-ups to reading comprehensions etc. The section was dominated by vocabulary based questions followed by grammar and sentence completion based questions. There were a few surprises this year like coalition words and finding the equivalent of American words in British language &vice-versa. These surprises were easy to moderate. There was one RC in the paper. The RC was an extract from Knowledge and wisdom by Bretrand Russel and the questions based on it were very easy, and had direct questions based on it. A few grammar based questions purely checked the fundamentals on the subject and Grammar based questions also. Vocabulary based questions were mostly easy to moderate in difficulty level. There were questions based on idiomatic usage and verbal phrases. Also another type reappeared this year, was questions based on different figures of speech, around 3 - 4 questions were from this area. There were two questions based on analogies and were easy to moderate. The overall feel of the section was moderate.
Comfortable Attempt: 24 to 28 questions in about 30 minutes.
Achievable Score: 14+ was an achievable score.
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SECTION II: Quantitative Aptitude, Data Interpretation & DS
Evaluation: This section was dominated by arithmetic questions. There were question on Percentage, Average, TSD, Geometry, Profit & Loss, Basic Algebra and Log etc. There were around 4 question on time and work which required thorough understanding and practice of the topic. The questions on probability were moderate .There was also one question on trigonometry ,which was based on height and distance and was easy. In DI ,there was one block of 5 questions(Tabular data of illitrate persons) which was also easy.Like last year , there were no DS questions in this section. Overall the feel of the section was easy to moderate. Anyone who had brushed up his fundamentals could have attempted well in this section.
Comfortable Attempt: 22 to 26 questions in about 35 - 40 minutes.
Achievable Score: 16+ was an achievable score.
SECTION III:General Awareness
Evaluation: This section required you to be thorough with your knowledge of Business, Sports, Movies and Government Policies. Questions were mostly based on current affairs with emphasis on politics etc. The cut off expected in this section is not very high.
Comfortable Attempt: 8 to 12 questions in about 10-15 minutes.
Achievable Score: 6+ was an achievable score.
SECTION IV: Analytical & Logical Reasoning
Evaluation: This year there were no surprises in this section in terms of new type of questions. The composition of question on different topics was almost similar to last year SNAP paper but students found questions a bit difficult. There were two AR blocks one was condition based (on mixing flavors) which was easy. The other block on sitting arrangement was bit tricky but could have been solved easily by plugging the options. There were questions based on strengthening the argument, alphanumerical series, blood relations, coding and Venn diagram. There was one question on AR (based on arrangement of shows on weekend) which was easy. Over all the feel of the section was moderate. Keeping in mind that this section contained questions of 2 marks each, one should have attempted this section first.
Comfortable Attempt:17 to 21 questions in about 40 minutes.
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Achievable Score: 28+ was an achievable score.
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