MH-CET Percentile Predictor

MH-CET (or MMS-CET or MAH-MBA) is an entrance test conducted by the Directorate for Technical Education (DTE), Maharashtra. The exam serves as a ticket to admission in MMS/MBA courses of Maharashtra State Universities. MH-CET is generally held in the month of March. and the result is out by June. The candidates are naturally anxious to learn about the expected B-school calls based on exam percentile. Our experts have hereby come up with percentile predictor for MH-CET 2020.
 MH-CET Percentile Predictor
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A percentile predictor estimates an approximate figure of your actual MH-CET percentile. Generally, your percentile is a product of the following main factors: number of test takers in MH-CET 2020, your score/performance with respect to other test takers, difficulty level of your specific slot and sections. On the basis of the above parameters, the predictor will calculate your probable percentile. Furthermore, it is preferred that you avail the predictor shortly after taking the MH-CET exam. This will ensure a better accuracy of your given information and, hence the percentile.
How to make use of the Percentile Predictor?
Follow the given guidelines for using the MH-CET Percentile Predictor:
  1. Click on the given link for the ‘MH-CET Percentile Predictor’. Do ‘sign up’ if you are not a registered user.
  2. After you log in, fill the requisite details.
  3. Once you have entered the number of attempts and probable number of correct ones, the predictor will provide your overall and sectional percentile.
  4. Now, you will learn about the number of B-school options and management courses you can apply for.
  5. Finally, you will be given expert guidance for applying to your desired colleges.
MH-CET Percentile Predictor
MH-CET 2020 Analysis
Apart from the overall percentile, the predictor computes your sectional percentile in the exam. So, make sure that you give the correct details in the predictor form.
Post the announcement of MH-CET result, you will get calls from the prospective B-schools for the next screening round, i.e. CAP (Common Admission Process). Lastly, your profile, MH-CET percentile and marks in CAP will decide your final admission in any particular institute.
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