All about TISS GD/PI process

Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS) is renowned for its various courses in Social Entrepreneurship, Human Resource Management & Labour Relations, Education, Public Policy and Governance. However, the master's degree program in Human Resource Management and Labour Relations (HRM & LR) offered at the TISS Mumbai campus remains one of the most sought after and prestigious programs in the field of HR in India. The first step for admissions is the TISSNET exam. With the help of TISSNET test scores, candidates are shortlisted for the Group Discussion, Essay Writing and Personal Interview round.
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Group Discussion
Group Discussion or GD, is used by an organization (company, institute, business school etc.) to gauge whether a candidate has certain personality traits desired by them like communication skills, leadership, teamwork etc.
As TISS offers specialized courses related to social entrepreneurship and other related streams, therefore, the topics of GD are generally related to social issues and current affairs. Few topics from previous year GDs are: Corporate Social Responsibility - a Myth, Child Labour, and Privatization of Hospitals. In TISS, the duration of GD is 15 minutes. There are 2 panelists and in each group there are about 8-10 members.
Essay Writing (WAT)
Generally, the next step after the Group Discussion round is the Written Ability Test (WAT). In this round, candidates are given a topic on which they have to write an essay of 1000-1500 words in 45 minutes. An essay is a reflection of one's personality. It checks the written communication skills, knowledge level and logical thinking ability of the candidate. An essay can be deemed as a good essay only if it has good content, organization and presentation.
The topics for WAT are often related to current affairs, for example a few topics that have been asked in previous year TISS essay writing are Clinical establishments, Health Policy in India and Private Health Insurance.
Personal Interview
A Personal Interview is a great opportunity for candidates to show their skills and strengths. It's a chance to show how they are a perfect fit for the particular institute or position. On the other hand, it gives a chance to the panelists to evaluate the personality of the candidate.
Tissnet Prep Course
Typically, interview questions can be of different types, like personality-based questions, which focus on strengths, weaknesses, achievements, failures and goals of an individual. Questions regarding educational background focus on an individual's academic performance. There can also be current affairs or career planning based questions. The panelists might also ask technical questions related to your graduation subjects. Keeping in mind the nature of courses offered at TISS, questions regarding the specialization the candidate is interested in pursuing are commonly asked. For Example: for the human resources program, students were asked about the role of a human resource manager and the importance of human resource management.
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