How to improve in Permutation and Combination

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Permutation and Combination is one such topic in which almost every student fumbles. Questions from this topic appear in a significant proportion in almost all the MBA entrance exams (CAT, XAT, IIFT, etc.). Every question in Permutation and Combination has more than one method by which it can be solved and that makes it even more confusing. However, the catch is to solve the question in the least time span. This topic can be linked with another equally important topic - Probability. The basic concepts are the same.
In order to improve your performance in this topic:
  • You should be clear with all the basic formulas. Go through your notes, coaching material or any book that you are following for Quant.
  • There are some typical questions from this area which you should be aware of.
  • While practicing, try solving questions with more than one method and then see which of the method takes the least time. This will help you discover the best method to solve the question.
  • You are required to do sufficient amount of practice before the exam, to master this topic.
Given below is a list of articles which will help you prepare this topic well.
You can go through the following videos to understand the concepts in a better manner.
Permutation Combination AdvII
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Permutation Combination AdvII
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Permutation Combination Adv I
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Permutation and Combination I
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Probability - Basics
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Once, you are done with this topic, check your understanding of the topic by taking the given tests.
Permutation & Combination -1
Permutation & Combination -2