How to improve in Algebra

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In order to improve your performance in algebra, you should first of all revise the basics of algebra. You should start from remembering the basic algebraic formulas, and then learn to make equations. This should be followed by methods to solve linear equations, quadratic equations, inequalities and questions based on progressions. You can start from any 8th or 9th standard NCERT books to clear the basic concepts of the same. You can refer the material that you follow for preparing the competitive exams. Do remember, that mastering any chapter or area needs sufficient practice before the exam. You can go through the following articles on algebra on our website/app, which will help you to clear the basics and to gain confidence.


Higher Degree Equations & Waving Curve Method.
(x-6) (x-4) (x+2)/(x-7) (x+5) What are the solution to the inequality?
BMC: The classic approach for quant
Basics of inequalities
Find the sum of 1, 3, 5, 7, .…..79 in 10 seconds. 
Tricky series asked in CAT
Let x remain UNKNOWN only
You can go through the following videos you understand the concepts in a better manner.
Algebraic Formulae Basic

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Linear Equations Basic

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Achievers Classroom - Algebra - Progressions

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Achievers Classroom - Algebra Without X with Fan Solution

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Achievers Classroom - Inequalities

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As Suggested, you can practice the question from the following tests as well from


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