100 Questions on Time, Speed & Distance

In most CAT and non-CAT examinations, Time Speed and Distance is an important topic. It is one topic that can give sleepless nights to students. Questions from this area come from topics of upstream, downstream, races, trains and cyclists. These questions cover concepts of relative speed, average speed, total time and distance etc. TSD is one of the most thought-intensive topics that require students to visualize.  TSD comprises of easy formulas but tricky application of these formulas.
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In-order to help you crack Time, Speed and Distance questions in exams, we bring you a eBook comprising of 100 must solve Time, Speed and Distance questions that will help you thoroughly revise this topic before the exams.
In this eBook, you get questions on:
  • Upstream and Downstream
  • Races
  • Trains and cyclists
  • Stairways