Test Analysis - Bull CMAT 01

MBA Masterclass
Overall Brief

On the whole the level of the test was easy. The important thing was time management. One had to pick the easy questions and leave any questions which were difficult or time consuming.

Easy Questions:

Quant was of easy level with 18 easy, 6 medium and 1 difficult question. All the topics in Quantitative ability were covered by taking 1-2 questions each such as Algebra (2 Easy and Medium), TSD (3 Medium), Profit & Loss (2 Easy), Ratio (1 Easy), Mensuration (1 Easy), Numbers (2 Easy), Probability (1 Easy), Clocks (1 Moderate) and Work & Time (1 Easy). In addition, 1 difficult question also appeared on miscellaneous logical math. DI had 3 sets with 3 questions , 1 set have 4 questions each on Line diagrams (Q5-7), Tables (Q14-17) and Pie chart (Q23-25), all of which were of easy level. A student could have gathered 90 percentile plus by attempting 22-23 questions with 80 - 85% accuracy.

Easy Questions:

Reasoning was moderately difficult in comparison to Quant, having 16 easy, 8 moderate and 1 difficult questions. Verbal Reasoning was particularly more difficult than the questions presented on logical reasoning. The four areas covered under reasoning section were Critical Reasoning (Q26,38 Easy, Q27, 28, 35 – Moderate), Verbal Reasoning (Q, 46, 47 – Easy, Q29, 43, 44, 45 – Moderate, Q36 - Difficult), Analytical Reasoning (Q30, 31-32, 33, 34, 48-50 – All Easy) and Syllogisms (Q39-41 – Easy, Q42 – Moderate). A student could have gathered 90 percentile plus by attempting 21-23 questions with 80-85% accuracy.

Easy Questions:
51,52,54, 55, 61,62,65-71,73,75

The Verbal section was easy to moderate. First few questions Q(51,52) were based on grammar and critical reasoning. Both questions were easy. Then Q(53-55, 58-63,68-70,73-75) were based on reading comprehension. 1st paragraph Q(53-55) talked about mental fatigue, reasons and how to overcome that. Questions were based on facts and vocabulary. All questions were easy except Q(53) which was of medium level. 2nd paragraph Q(58-63) talked about welfare related schemes of employees. Questions were based on vocabulary and facts. All questions were moderate except Q(,61,62) which were easy. 3rd paragraph Q(68-70) talked about climate change which can lead to global warming and the disappointing response shown by China and US. Questions were vocabulary based and author’s perspective. All questions were easy. 4th paragraph Q(73-75) talked about home based business and opportunities it carries. All questions were easy except Q(74) which was of medium level. The Q(56-57) were based on sentence completion and were moderate and easy respectively. Q (64) was based on sentence rearrangement and was difficult. Then Q(65,66,71,72) were based on vocabulary, synonyms and analogies. All questions were easy except Q(72) which was difficult. One easy question Q(67) was based on verbal reasoning specifically facts , inferences and judgment. One should do 19-21 questions with 80-85% accuracy to get 90%ile.

Easy Questions:
76 ,78-79, 82,84,87,89-91,94,97,98

This section of the paper was moderate. The paper was covering Business and economy, books authors, international and national, finance and banking, sports, Politics, history, science and technology. Very less time should be devoted to this section of the paper. In order to generate a percentile of 90+ a student should have ideally attempted 16-19 questions with 85 – 90% accuracy.

Strategy & Tips

The overall feel of the paper was easy. Now talking of strategy, as a general rule you should not get struck in any question unless you are sure about its solution. Taking the Reasoning section, since most of the questions were single, thus do not get struck in any one question. If pattern is difficult to be deciphered, then move on to the next question and so on, so as to reach till the end of the section. The general strategy for Quant section would be to solve easier questions and leave all the questions which were difficult or time consuming. Talking about the Verbal section, the general strategy is that never leave a RC passage on the face of it that it is either lengthy or the language is difficult, without reading the questions given below as some of the question could be direct and do not require full reading and understanding of the passage. One should have a good knowledge of grammar and vocabulary to score well. Also one should read a lot to have hold on reading comprehensions from speed as well as accuracy point of view. GK section should have been devoted very less time and attempting only those questions which one knows.

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