IBSAT 2015 Analysis

IBSAT 2015 Analysis

IBSAT has 140 questions to be completed in 2 hours, distributed across 4 sections. There is no sectional cut-off and no sectional time limit in this exam. Each question carries 1 mark

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Sectional Breakup
Section Number of Questions
Verbal Ability 50
Reading Comprehension 30
Quantitative Aptitude 30
Data Adequacy & Data Interpretation 30

The overall difficulty level of the paper would be medium. There are all types of questions in the paper and the degree of difficulty of the question paper would be in the following ratios: 25 % all can answer, 50% average and moderate candidates can answer, 75% can be answered by above average candidates and 100% only those students who are excellent.

Verbal Ability
Question type Number of questions
Synonyms / Antonyms 10
Word relation 5
Error Spotting 10
Phrase Replacement/one word substitute 10
Fill in the blanks 10
Jumbled Sentences 5

Verbal ability section would consist of easy questions. Vocabulary questions are slightly on the higher pedestal but the grammar part was supposedly easier. Overall, around 33-34 marks could be easily scored by well-prepared candidates under 25 minutes.

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Reading Comprehension

There are 2 passages with 8 questions each and two passage with 9 &5 questions. The passages are on an average contain between 500- 600 words. While some questions are direct and factual, some are inferential and will take time to answer.

If I will have to breakup the level of difficulty I would say

12 - easy

9 – Medium

10 – Difficult

Around 20-23 question can be comfortably solved in 25 minutes time.

Quantitative Ability
Question type Number of questions
Number System 4
Simplification & algebra 4
Speed, Time and Distance 2
Profit, loss & Discount 2
Permutation & Probability 3
Work and Time 1
Percentage 1
Geometry and Mensuration 7
Simple interest & partnership 3
Time and Work 1
Ratio 2

The questions from quantitative ability are of moderate difficulty level. The QA section has good mixture of problems including arithmetic, geometry and analytical geometry. The questions are framed on speed, distance and time, ratio proportion, work problems, heights, progressions, probability, percentages, etc.

If I will have to breakup the level of difficulty I would say

Easy – 7

Medium – 17

Difficult – 6

Ideal number of questions to be attempted would be 20 to 23.

Data Adequacy and Data Interpretation
Question type Number of questions
Data Sufficiency 15
DI (Pie ) 5
DI (Line+Table) 5
DI (Line) 5

The DI section focused strongly on data adequacy and logical thinking. The paper will have questions on pi graphs, line graphs etc. Few other questions were on percentage change, ratio between two values, etc.

If I will have to break up the level of difficulty for this section I would say



5 - Tough

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Overall, out of 30 questions in this part, a student who has prepared well should be able to answer 18-20 of the questions correctly.

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