IBSAT Sample Papers 2024

IBSAT sample papers imitate the actual pattern, format, and difficulty level of the exam. If you are planning to appear for IBSAT 2024, you must practice sample tests beforehand. Here, you can access the latest IBSAT sample paper.
IBSAT 2024
IBSAT is an MBA entrance exam conducted by ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education (IFHE). It is the first shortlisting criteria for admission to MBA/PGPM/Ph.D. programmes of the nine campuses of ICFAI. Almost 25,000 aspirants appear for IBSAT annually. The difficulty level of the exam is much lower than CAT, XAT and some other management tests. Based on the cut-off of respective campuses, candidates are shortlisted for the interview round.
This year, IBSAT will be held in the 23rd & 24th week of December and its result is announced in the first week of January.
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IBSAT Sample Paper 2024
Our sample papers and tests are developed by experts with many years of experience. These are made after extensive research and review of the previous year's papers. Here, you can download the IBSAT sample paper 2024:
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IBSAT Sample Paper
Advantages of IBSAT Sample Papers
Exam preparation is incomplete without a good amount of practice. To get a good score in IBSAT, aspirants need to devise an effective exam strategy. After learning all the essential concepts, it is incumbent that you start practising IBSAT model papers. This way, you can monitor your progress on a regular basis. Also, you can develop your exam strategy according to your strengths and weaknesses. This leads to continual improvement and a good score on the actual exam.
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Given below are the main advantages of attempting IBSAT practice papers:
  • Sample tests/ Practice papers are a replica of the actual exam. You are expected to complete the test within the stated time limit. This enables you to gauge your level of preparation with respect to the actual exam.
  • Solving sample papers will help you learn better time management and improve your performance for the exam day.
  • Unless you go through your detailed analysis of the test, there won’t be much benefit of attempting it. An in-depth analysis tells you about the areas you need to put more work on.  Accordingly, you can replan your preparation as well as exam strategy.
  • It is crucial to know your rank among other exam aspirants. A comparative analysis guides you to work harder and make faster amends. It is sure to boost your motivation and speed up your performance in the exam. Sample papers serve as a continuous monitoring tool in your exam preparation.
  • Finally, you can plan your overall exam strategy by setting a priority order for different topics/question types, as per their weightage. These minute things play a big role in deciding your overall percentile in the exam.
About IBS
Since its establishment in 1995, the ICFAI Business School (IBS) has been widely regarded as one of the premier B-schools in the nation. IBS is renowned for its outstanding academic delivery and state-of-the-art facilities. The programmes at IBS are designed in consonance with the international community and growth-oriented mindset. IBS is the only B-school that solely relies on case studies in teaching. The institute hosts regular guest lectures by experts from a wide variety of prominent firms, who also serve as members of advisory boards at IBS.
FAQs about IBSAT 2024
1. Is IBSAT exam hard?
No, IBSAT is not much difficult. Its level of questions is quite moderate. With a basic understanding of important concepts and consistent practice, you can ace the exam well. Further, if you have prepared for the toughest MBA entrance tests like CAT and XAT, you will be able to manage IBSAT easily.
2. What is a good score in IBSAT?
IBSAT cut-off is different for different campuses. It lies between 65-75 for the top campuses. So, ideally, you should aim for scoring 70+ percentile in IBSAT.
3. Can we use rough paper in IBSAT?
Yes, the test-takers are given rough papers for calculations. But you cannot take your own papers to the test centre.
4. What is the CAT cut-off for IBS Hyderabad?
The CAT cut-off for IBS Hyderabad is around 60-70 percentile.
5. How many seats are there in IBS Hyderabad?
IBS Hyderabad has nearly 1100 seats in MBA.
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