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CMAT is a computer-based online test conducted by NTA. CMAT 2023 is likely to be held in March/April 2023. From 2021, the pattern has been revised and a new section has been introduced -Innovation & Entrepreneurship. Each section carries 80 marks and has 20 questions. Each question is of 4 marks and there is a penalty of 1 mark for each incorrect answer. The best way to ensure a good CMAT score is to take maximum number of mock tests.
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CMAT Mock Test 2023
Here, you can access the latest mock test for CMAT 2023:
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Points to remember before taking up Mock Tests:
  • Take plenty of Mock Tests- Numbers don’t define your preparation. But, yes, before sitting for the final CMAT exam, you would have to have a full preparation that includes plenty of mock tests. You cannot just be happy after taking two or three mock tests; you should be prepared well enough after taking atleast 30 to 40 different mock tests.
  • Mock test are serious- Do not think that mock tests are just like any other test. These are created just like real CMAT test environment, so you need to take it seriously. The candidate needs to take a lot of mock tests in probably a well-mimicked exam setting. Mock tests are designed for a 3-hour time period to deal with it like a final test without any breaks. Create an environment that is just like the final CMAt entrance so that the candidate can know their time management skills as well.
  • Different Strategies- A candidate should focus on trying out different strategies that works for them. With several hits and misses, they should be able to know what works the best. Prioritize time management for several sections that you think are tough and focus on creating strategies to complete the CMAT final entrance exam within the given time frame.
  • Mock test percentile score- It is said that the percentile score during mock tests can be misleading. So, don’t worry if the percentile score is not coming off well or don’t go into comfort zone if it is coming up too well. The percentile score for CMAT mock tests is a very misleading tactic, so it is advised don’t prepare your strategy according to that score.
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Mock tests simulate test-like conditions and help you to condition yourself for your best performance during the actual test. Additionally, they also help you to improve your time management skills. Our portal contains several Free CMAT Mock Tests to help you prepare well for the exam. Each CMAT Mock Test is accompanied by answer keys, detailed solutions, analyses etc. Also, we provide in-depth sectional analysis to help you recognize your areas of strengths and weaknesses.
Benefits of Mock Tests
Regular practice of CMAT Mock tests will help you to:
  • Familiarize yourself with the screens, layout, and navigation as these mock tests replicate the actual CMAT online test.
  • Get the real test feel with respect to time management and test taking strategy.
  • Know your strong and weak areas and work on them accordingly.
  • Identify the topics under different areas, which need brushing up before the exam.
You must try to maintain the crucial balance between speed and accuracy in order to score well in the exam. Also, a thorough analysis of your performance in each mock test will be of immense help to do well in CMAT.
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