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NMIMS Management Aptitude Test (NMAT) is a gateway to a large number of reputed B-Schools, including Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies. It is conducted by GMAC over a test window of a certain period. Since 2020, the exam has been held in two modes: computer-based at test centres and online-proctored at home. Besides, NMAT is now a computer-adaptive test and presents questions as per the exhibited abilities of the candidates.
NMAT is held from October to December. Before sitting for the exam, you must spend adequate time in practice. To help you, our experts have come up with the NMAT mock test 2024.
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NMAT 2024
NMAT has 3 sections, namely, Language Skills, Quantitative Skills and Logical Reasoning. Although the order of sections can be selected by the candidate, the time for each section of NMAT is fixed and the candidate can move on to the next section only after completing the previous section. There are 36 questions in each section but all three sections are differently timed. The total duration of the exam is 2 hours.
NMAT has certain peculiar features, which make it different from other exams. For instance, it has no negative marking, so you can guesstimate answers for the doubtful questions too. Further, you can book the test slot at your convenience and even, reschedule it within the specified NMAT Registration Dates. Besides, you can appear thrice for NMAT in a particular testing year.
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NMAT Mock Test 2024
NMAT is more a test of your time management skills, than complexity-handling ability. So, to do well in this exam, you need to practice Mock Tests based on NMAT previous year papers. Here, you can log in and take NMAT 2024 mock test:
Tips to Solve NMAT Mock Tests
NMAT can be aced with an effective two-fold approach. Firstly, you should be clear with the basics of all the topics which are relevant for the exam. Secondly, it is very important that you solve a sufficient number of tests that simulate real exam-like environment and prepare you for the actual test. Further, you must analyze your performance after each test.
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Remember the following things while attempting and analyzing NMAT Mock Tests:
  • You must have a clear strategy in mind before starting a mock test. For example, it is a good idea to start with the easiest section and the least time-consuming questions.
  • You can try different strategies for different mock tests and thereafter, determine which one gives the best results.
  • While analyzing your mock test, identify your areas of strengths and weakness. Accordingly, make changes in your preparation plan as well as exam strategy.
  • Estimate the time taken for the important and frequently asked questions types, and determine ways to solve tricky questions in less time.
  • If you observe any specific pattern or mistake in the mock tests, it would be fairly easy for you to rectify it after knowing the cause of the error. Such mistakes can be well-examined with the help of mock tests.
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Mock exams provide insight about your preparations and help you focus on key strategic points like performance, strengths, speed, technique and pattern of questions. Hitbullseye provides you with an in-depth analysis of your performance in the NMAT Mock Tests. Once you identify your strong and weak areas, you can streamline your preparation well. Lastly, as you practice more and more mock tests, your speed and accuracy will improve, resulting in a better performance.
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