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CMAT is conducted for admissions into various AICTE approved B-schools. Prominent institutes that have accepted CMAT scores in the past include KJ Somaiya Institute of Management Studies & Research and Goa Institute of Management (GIM). CMAT has 5 sections, namely, Quantitative Techniques & Data Interpretation, Logical Reasoning, Language Comprehension, General Awareness, and Innovation & Entrepreneurship. In this article, we will formulate an effective strategy to crack CMAT GK section on the basis of past year trends.
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CMAT is an exam of moderate difficulty, but the General Knowledge (GK) section can be tricky.
Significance of CMAT General Knowledge:
Equal Weightage: The GK section in CMAT has 20 questions. Most importantly, the CMAT GK section has equal weightage as that of the other sections, unlike papers like IIFT and XAT, which give relatively less weightage to this section. Thus, GK in CMAT will play an equally important role as other sections in boosting your scores!
Better Accuracy: GK questions provide you with a distinct advantage of improving your accuracy.If you know the answer to a question, there is little scope for confusion!
Time Management: GK questions are highly time efficient and can be solved in a few seconds as there is no analysis or calculations required. You can use this to your advantage in papers like CMAT, which do not have sectional time limits and allocate more time for more time-consuming questions.
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CMAT GK - Past Year Paper Analysis
CMAT Analysis 2022: General Awareness
This section was difficult compared to others. As usual, it was dominated by Static GK questions from books, awards, history, sports, science, etc. The remaining questions were based on the current GK - national and international events. About 11 to 14 attempts in this section with 80% accuracy would be good.
Attempting the CMAT GK section
Ideally, you should not devote more than 8-10 minutes on the CMAT GK section. This will allow you to allocate more time for other time-consuming sections. Further, we advice you to follow a 2-cycle method of attempting this section:
Cycle 1
  • Identify the very easy questions and mark their answers
  • Identify and mark the questions, which you think you can attempt i.e. you feel that if you spend more time on such questions, you may be able to guess the correct answer
  • Identify the questions, which you think you CANNOT attempt i.e. question about which you have no idea. These questions are best left untouched
Cycle 2
In the second cycle, mark the answers of maximum possible questions that you have identified in Step (2) of Cycle 1 through intelligent guessing or by using option elimination
Strategy for CMAT Static GK
Static GK broadly consists of areas that do not change over time. You may expect questions from the following sub-topics in Static GK:
  • History
  • Geography
  • Economy
  • Companies and Brands
  • Indian Political System & Constitution
  • Organizations
  • Science &Technology
  • Sports
  • Miscellaneous
Prepare for the static GK from our website provided with E-books, Test assignments and Video lectures and you can also refer to NCERTs from Class 6 – 12.
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Strategy for CMAT Current GK
In Current GK, you may expect questions from these broad areas:
  • Economy
  • Business & Corporate News
  • Indian Polity
  • Organizations
  • New Developments in Science & Technology
  • People in News
  • Sports
  • Miscellaneous
Current GK is the most dynamic part of this section and needs to be done with diligence. You can follow up our recently updated Current GK e-books, videos and weekly issues for insight knowledge.
Tips to crack CMAT GK Section
1. Keep yourself updated: You should try and keep yourself updated on all the latest news. It helps not only in answering objective questions but also in subjective questions. Although CMAT exam doesn’t offers subjective questions in the GK section, but in the essay writing it will surely give you an added edge.
2. Reliable Sources: The best source of being updated on current affairs is reading the newspaper on a regular basis, preferably ‘The Hindu’ or ‘Indian Express’. Not only it will keep you efficient, but will also help you enhance your speed for solving the Reading comprehensions. It is also a good practice to go through the Forum discussions, read editorials and watch television discussions on important issues.
3. Practice sincerely: Aspirants should practice with sample papers, model papers and previous year papers to maintain the pace with preparation.
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4. Expert Analysis: It is suggested to go through the previous year paper analysis done by Experts so that you get a clear picture of the level of questions asked in the examination.
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