CAT Percentile Predictor

One of the most popular entrance exams, CAT is conducted by IIMs for admission in top B-schools of the country. The exam is held in the last week of November and the results are declared in January. CAT percentile serves as the first step to getting shortlisted by management colleges.
Naturally, the aspirants are curious to know whether their performance meets the expected criteria of their dream colleges. To ease your anxiety, our experts have devised percentile predictor for CAT 2021.
CAT Percentile Predictor
Generally, CAT percentile depends upon three main factors: number of test takers in CAT 2021, your performance with respect to other candidates, difficulty level of the particular slot and sections. Considering these parameters, the predictor will give an accurate estimate of your expected percentile. It is advised that you use the predictor soon after taking the exam. The accuracy of your stated attempts, correct answers, etc. determines the accuracy of your calculated percentile.
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How to use the Percentile Predictor?
The following steps will guide you in the right usage of CAT Percentile Predictor:
  • Click on the given link for the ‘CAT Percentile Predictor’. You will be required to ‘sign up’ if you are not already registered.
  • Once you have logged in, you will be directed to fill the requisite details.
  • After you have entered your number of attempts and a probable estimate of correct answers, you will get your overall and sectional CAT percentile.
  • Next, you will learn about the number of college options you have.
  • Finally, you will get expert guidance and B-school counseling for applying to your dream colleges.
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CAT Percentile Predictor

Percentile predictor will give an approximate figure of your actual CAT percentile. In addition to the overall percentile, top B-schools consider your sectional percentile in the exam. So, remember to feed the right details in the predictor.
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After the CAT result is declared, you will be getting calls from the expected B-schools for further selection rounds. Apart from the percentile, your profile and score in the WAT/GE/interview play an important part in the final selection. So, calculate your percentile and apply to the B-schools that still have their applications open. For details about the selection process of your dream colleges, check out their official websites.
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