Test Analysis, & Strategy 2023 WIN CAT 30

Overall Brief

On the whole the level of the test was moderate. The test contained many moderate and difficult questions and hence the important factor was selection of appropriate questions to attempt. Reasoning section was slightly tougher than Quant section. Verbal section was moderate. The key to getting a good percentile was time management and selection of questions.

MBA Masterclass
Verbal Ability
Easy Questions:
3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 15, 16, 21

The 1st passage (Q-1 to 4) highlights how the widespread adoption of firearms by Native Americans during European colonization transformed indigenous warfare, intertribal dynamics, and relations with colonists, leading to increased violence and complex political struggles across North America. The level of this passage was easy to moderate. The 2nd passage discusses a global decline in public trust in institutions, attributing it to factors like corruption, inequality, and ineffective governance, and suggests rebuilding trust through transparency, accountable leadership, and inclusive community engagement. This passage was again easy to moderate in difficulty level. The 3rdpassagediscusses the concerns of Japanese investors in India, highlighting issues like labor productivity, policy consistency, profit repatriation, and restrictive controls, emphasizing the need for India to meet international standards to attract foreign investment. There should have been no chance of missing this passage, as all the questions from it were easy. The 4th passage explores how ant colonies function without central control, using the rate of interactions among ants to coordinate collective behavior and adapt to changes, similar to a brain's network of neurons generating behavior and memory. This passage was also easy to moderate. Questions (17-19) were based on the sentence rearrangement and these questions were moderate to difficult in level. Questions (20-22) were based on para-summary and were easy to moderate in difficulty level. Questions 23 &24 were based on sentence placement. These questions were easy to moderate in difficultly level. Overall, the verbal section of this mock was easy to moderate & with an expected level of 70-75% accuracy, one could have easily scored 90+ percentile by attempting around 16 to 18 questions.

DI & Reasoning
Easy Questions:
25, 29, 30, 31, 32, 36, 42

The difficulty level of DI was Hard. There were 7 easy, 6 medium and 7 difficult questions in this section. The third and last block (Placement season, eight persons committee) were easiest and were must do and by attempting a couple of questions from rest of the blocks, one could have fetched a very good percentile.

In this section, one could have fetched 90+ percentile by attempting 7 -10 questions with approx. 80 % accuracy.

Quantitative Ability
Easy Questions:
47, 50, 52, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 61, 63, 64

Students found this section easier than DI this time. The Quantitative section had 11 easy, 3 medium and 8 difficult questions. Selection of questions was important to crack this section. There were questions from varied topics like Geometry, Basic Numbers, Basic Algebra, Progression and Series, Arithmetic (Percentages/Time and Work/Mixtures/Percentages/SI-CI/Ratios). A good student could have scored 90+ percentile by attempting around 9-12 questions with approx. 80% accuracy.

Strategy & Tips

The overall feel of the paper was moderate, though for the students who knew how to manage the time available to the best i.e., not wasting much time in lengthy and difficult questions, could easily manage an overall good attempt. Reasoning section was slightly tougher than Quant section. Verbal section was moderate. Most of the questions in quant section were from Arithmetic, Algebra, Number system and Geometry. For verbal section, one should have good reading skills as there were 4 RC’s and also a few questions based on paragraph summary. One must focus on contextual vocabulary as well to understand and score well in RC passages. Questions such as sentence rearrangement and best fit require analysis and knowledge of tricks to answer the questions. It is not advisable to spend too much time on TITA questions especially in the verbal section.

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