Test Analysis - Bull CAT 16

Overall Brief

On the whole the level of the test was moderate. The test contained many difficult questions, so the important factor was selection of right questions. Quant section in this paper was comparatively easier than the Reasoning section. The key to getting a good percentile was time management and selection of questions. Verbal section was moderate.

DI & Reasoning
Easy Questions:

This section had only 1 easy set and overall it can be said that it was a tough section with a total of 32 questions having only 7 Easy and 12 Moderate questions. It was easily 20% tougher than actual CAT is. Selection of questions is important in such a paper where students need to identify easy sets as well as easy questions out of moderate/tough sets.

Student can start from Set 1 (animal species) and attempt entire set. Set 2 (advertising agency) has four pie charts with confusing data and should be avoided. Again, Set 3 (Basketball tournament) is a confusing set, but the questions are moderate and easy, so this could be tried. Set 4 ( Brain tree school ) could be tried next as this set has more moderate questions. Set 6 ( Zeta index ) is a must try in this paper, it is lengthy and time consuming but in such a section where there are no easy sets, it can be solved.

One could have scored 90+ percentile by attempting around 15 questions with 80 % accuracy.

Quantitative Ability
Easy Questions:

The Quantitative section had 19 easy, 7 medium and 8 difficult questions. Algebra(7), Arithmetic(9) and Geometry(8) were again the major contributors to this paper. Arithmetic had questions from all sections( percentage/profit loss/SI-CI/Mixtures/Ratios and out of these 6 were easy. Algebra also had questions from progressions/equations/ages and had 5 easy questions. Geometry had topics like Trigonometry/Coordinate and theorem based questions and had only 2 easy questions.

Number system/averages had 4 questions but only 2 were easy. Time speed and distance had 3 questions and 2 were easy. Logs also had 2 questions and both were easy.

A good student could have scored 90+ percentile by attempting 24 questions with approx. 80 % accuracy.

Verbal Ability
Easy Questions:

In verbal ability section, the first RC passage (Q1-4) was based on the ‘the critical state of India’s valuable but diminishing resource i.e. groundwater’. The passage was easy to moderate and the questions based on this passage were also easy to moderate to interpret except Q3 which was difficult. The second passage (Q8-11) was about ‘how Durand line came into existence and its consequences continue to shape the world politics.’ The passage was easy to understand and answers were also easy to identify except Q9 which was moderate. Third passage (Q15-19) was based on ‘how can an employer create an optimistic or positive environment at workplace ’. The passage was easy to understand and interpret the answers. Fourth passage (Q22-26) was based on ‘reconciling the enlightenment or detachment role of spiritual guru with mediation function played by modern day gurus.’ The passage was easy and questions based on it were also easy to interpret except Q24 which was moderate. The last passage (Q29-34) was based on ‘should government be run like a business’. The passage was easy to moderate to understand and to interpret the questions. All non- rc (tita) questions were either difficult or moderate. It is advisable not to spend too much time on these questions especially on sentence rearrangement questions. Questions (20, 21, 27, and 28) were based on finding summary of the given paragraph and were of moderate difficulty level. Questions (5-7) were based on sentence rearrangement and the questions were moderate to difficult. Questions (12-14) were based on finding misfit among the given four sentences. The key is to find the sentence that is lying outside the theme in the remaining three or four sentences. The overall feel of this section was moderate. To score 90+ percentile one should have attempted 27-29 questions with 75- 80% accuracy.

Strategy & Tips

The overall feel of the paper was moderate, though for the students who knew how to manage the time available to the best i.e. not wasting much time in lengthy and difficult questions, could easily manage an overall good attempt. AR and DI had mostly moderate or difficult level questions, thus selection of questions was important. As far as Quant is concerned most of the questions were from Algebra, Numbers & Geometry and since most of the questions were easy or moderate, thus selection of easier and doable questions was important. For verbal section, one should have good reading skills as there were 5 RC’s and questions were based on paragraph summary also in which reading skills were requisite. Moreover, questions like sentence rearrangement and misfit require analysis and tricks to answer.