Test Analysis - Bull CAT 09

Overall Brief

On the whole the level of the test was moderate. The test contained many moderate and difficult questions and hence the important factor was selection of right questions. Reasoning section in this paper was comparatively difficult than the Quant section. Verbal section was easy to moderate as regards level of difficulty. The key to getting a good percentile was time management and selection of questions.

DI & Reasoning
Easy Questions:

This section was full of easy. There were only 11 easy and 5 moderate and 16 tough questions.So in such a paper it is important to not waste time on tough questions and maximize score by choosing the correct set.

The first block about four families is a must attempt. It is one of the sets having all 4 questions doable. Set 2 about 4 sets is a doable one for the student who knows 4 set concept. Set 3 about five subjects and students was very tricky and must be avoided. Set 4 about 10 students and scores in 5 tests can be done once the student gets the idea of individual series. Set 5 about Fundoo TV is tricky but still doable, student can try this one at the end. Set 6 about Best Beer store is a very easy one.Set 7 about contractors and workers is also doable but tricky.Set 8 based on airlines staff can be avoided.

The overall feel of the section was moderate and one could have scored 90+ percentile by attempting around 17 questions with approx. 80% accuracy.

Quantitative Ability
Easy Questions:

The Quantitative section had only 16 easy, 12 medium and 6 difficult questions. In this paper there were 5 questions from algebra including equations, functions, sequences etc. Most of these were medium/tough level questions. There were 13 questions from arithmetic (Percentages/Profit Loss/Time and Work/Mixtures) having 8 easy ones. Geometry had around 6 questions based on mensuration, theorem based questions and most of these were easy/moderate ones. Number system and averages together had 6 questions which were mostly doable. Other than these topics, questions from mixed topics were asked like TSD, PnC etc. This section was a moderate one. A good student could have scored 90+ percentile by attempting 22 questions with 85% accuracy.

Verbal Ability
Easy Questions:

In verbal ability section, the first RC passage (Q1-5) was based on ‘gravitation has not been clearly understood and much needs to be done in this field.’ The passage was easy to moderate in terms of understanding and interpreting the questions. The second RC passage (Q9-13)was based on ‘absence of desired levels of transparency between publishers and authors during 18th and 19th century.’ The passage was easy in terms of understanding and questions were also easy. Third RC passage (Q17-21) was about ‘patient inertia leading to development of serious diseases among people.’ The passage was easy in terms of understanding and interpreting the questions except Q19 which was difficult. Fourth RC passage (Q24-28) was based on ‘the unexpected benefit of celebrating failure.’ The passage was easy in terms of understanding and answering the questions except Q27 which was difficult. The last RC passage (Q31-34) was based on ‘science has next to nothing to say about moral intuitions.’ The passage was of moderate difficulty as regards understanding and interpreting the related questions except Q31 which was easy. All non- rc (tita) questions were either difficult or moderate. It is advisable not to spend too much time on these questions especially on sentence rearrangement questions. Questions (8,16,23) were based on finding summary of the given paragraph and were of moderate difficulty except Q23 which was easy. Questions (7,15,30) were based on finding misfit among the given four sentences. The key is to find the sentence that is lying outside the theme in the remaining three sentences and were difficult except Q7 which was moderate. Questions (6,14,22,29) were based on sentence rearrangement and the questions were difficult except Q29 which was of moderate difficulty. The overall feel of this section was easy to moderate. To score 90+ percentile one should have attempted 24-26 questions with 75- 80% accuracy.

Strategy & Tips

The overall feel of the paper was moderate, though for the students who knew how to manage the time available to the best i.e. not wasting much time in lengthy and difficult questions, could easily manage an overall good attempt. AR and DI were mostly selective in this paper. As far as Quant is concerned most of the questions were from Algebra, Number system and Geometry. For verbal section, one should have good reading skills as there were 5 RC’s and also a few questions based on paragraph summary. One must focus on contextual vocabulary as well to understand and score well in RC passages. Moreover, questions like sentence rearrangement and misfit require analysis and knowledge of tricks to answer the questions.