Test Analysis - Bull CAT 22

Overall Brief

On the whole the level of the test was moderate. The test contained many difficult questions, so the important factor was selection of right questions. Quant section in this paper was comparatively easier than the DILR section. The key to getting a good percentile was time management and selection of questions. Verbal section was moderate.

DI & Reasoning
Easy Questions:

This section was full of easy and moderate sets and overall it can be said that it was between relatively easy to moderate level with a total of 32 questions having 29 Moderate and 3 Difficult questions. Selection of blocks and speed is important for obtaining good percentile.

The caselet (Two Engineering colleges, A and B have a record of 100% placements of students across all streams. The following tables give data of placement statistics of these two colleges. e.g., 80 students of Mechanical Engineering from College A were placed with starting salaries of Rs. 4 lakhs..) was doable and should have been attempted. There were two sets from table graph which were manageable. There was a set of bar graph which was easy.

The overall feel of the section was moderate and one could have scored 90+ percentile by attempting 20-24questions with 85 % accuracy.

Quantitative Ability
Easy Questions:

The Quantitative section had 26 Easy, 7 Moderate and 1 Difficult questions. In this paper there were 15 questions from arithmetic ( Ratio, SI/CI ,Percentages/Profit Loss/Time and Work/Mixtures/Time speed and distance)most of which were easy and moderate. There were 5 questions on geometry and mensuration out of which 1 is difficult. There is one question from coordinate geometry which was easy. There are 12 questions from Algebra out which 1 question from functions which was difficult and 1 question from Logs which was doable.

A good student could have scored 90+ percentile by attempting 24-26 questions with 90% accuracy.

Verbal Ability
Easy Questions:

In verbal ability section, the first RC passage (Q1-6) was based on 'philosopher Mengzi provides an alternative to Aristotelian accounts of human virtue'. The passage as well as the related questions was easy to interpret except Q3 and 4 which were of moderate difficulty. The second passage (Q10-12) was related to 'there is more mathematics in slugs and corals than we can think of; rather than being a remote abstraction, mathematics can be conceived of as an activity that takes place not so much in writing down as in playing out.' The passage as well as the questions based on this passage was easy to moderate. Third passage (15-20) was based on' native American's zealous adoption and use of guns against their neighbors dramatizes that the problem of guns in America is centuries old'. The passage as well as questions based on it was easy to interpret and understand. Fourth passage (Q23-25) was based on 'social media firms have come under an increasing pressure from various governments to do more to combat extremism and remove terrorist and objectionable content.' The passage was easy in terms of understanding. Questions based on this passage were also easy except Q25 which was of moderate difficulty. The last passage (Q29-34) was based on 'to appreciate how interesting microbes are , rather than viewing them as sources of disease or dirt, to actually realize they are important parts of the world around us'. The passage was easy to interpret and identify the answers except Q31 which was of moderate difficulty. Questions (8,22,28) were based on finding summary of the given paragraph and were easy. Questions (7,9,13,26) were based on sentence rearrangement and the questions were difficult except Q26 which was moderate. Questions (14,21,27) were based on finding misfit among the given four sentences and were of moderate difficulty except Q21 and 27 which were difficult and easy respectively. The key is to find the sentence that is lying outside the theme in the remaining three sentences. The overall feel of this section was easy. To score 90+ percentile one should have attempted 27-29questions with 75- 80% accuracy.

Strategy & Tips

The overall feel of the paper was moderate, though for the students who knew how to manage the time available to the best i.e. not wasting much time in lengthy and difficult questions, could easily manage an overall good attempt. AR and DI had mostly moderate or difficult level questions, thus selection of questions was important. As far as Quant is concerned most of the questions were from Algebra, Numbers & Geometry and since most of the questions were easy or moderate, thus selection of easier and doable questions was important. For verbal section, one should have good reading skills as there were 5 RC’s and questions were based on paragraph summary also in which reading skills were requisite. Moreover, questions like sentence rearrangement and misfit require analysis and tricks to answer.