Free three-month CAT Strategy Guide

Preparing for CAT can be hard in itself. For those starting out in September, it’s even harder since you are short of preparation time. At times like these, our basic instinct is to put our head down to put in the hard yards without taking a step back and thinking about the action plan. However, in order to achieve the right results, you need to possess the right strategy. In this strategy guide we will provide the three-month plan from September to November to help you prepare for CAT.
The first thing that you need to understand about CAT is that it does not have a huge syllabus. CAT is also not based on mugging up formulas but more focused on application. It is actually an aptitude test more than anything else. However, this does not mean that it does not require any preparation. You require roughly 300 to 500 hours of serious study hours to achieve your peak potential in CAT. For a student starting out in September – with mere 86 days to November 26, the CAT exam day – it requires average four hours on weekdays and a minimum of six hours on weekends till the exam day. (Please note: this is a rough estimate for an average Joe. It increases or decreases as per students aptitude level) Now, putting four to six hours of serious study from September till exam day might look daunting for those with full-time jobs and college, however, it isn’t impossible. With a proper strategy in place, a student can achieve optimum preparation levels before the exam day.
This strategy guide is the perfect start for your CAT 2017 Prep, as it contains:
  • Detailed month-wise and topic-wise prep plan for the next three months (for students starting preparation in September)
  • Three phases for preparation which cover all aspects of the exam
  • Topic wise plan for Verbal Ability, Quantitative Aptitude, Logical Reasoning and Data Interpretation with details on how much time should be spent on each topic
So, download this e-book and learn how to crack CAT 2017 inside three months. In case of any query or suggestion feel free to leave a comment.
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