How to prepare for MBA Entrance Group Discussion

Group Discussion (GD) is a popular methodology utilized by various MBA institutes across the country to assess the applicants' skills and suitability to the respective institute. A large number of attributes are essential for a good score in a GD like, communication skills, persuasion skills, listening ability, lateral thinking, innovativeness, team-work etc.
What is a GD?
Aspirants shortlisted in the written test are called for the second stage of the admissions process, which generally includes, Group Discussion, Personal Interview and in some cases Essay Writing as well. Typically, the candidates are divided into groups of 10-15. They are given a topic and given 2-5 minutes to think over it. Then the moderators, which usually number 2-5, signal the start of the GD, which lasts for 10-20 minutes. The candidates are expected to have a coherent, participative and genial discussion over different aspects of the topic, with each member of the group contributing.
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Evaluation of a GD
The examiners evaluate the members of the group on a large number of criteria and award marks based on their performance in the GD. Some of the important ones have been listed below:
  • Knowledge about the Topic
  • Ability to work in a group
  • Individual contribution in the GD
  • Ability to think Logically
  • Innovative thinking
  • Communication Skills
Do's and Don'ts of a GD:
  • Be yourself
  • Be concise
  • Enter only after a person has made his/her point
  • Enter the GD with a supportive statement
  • Substantiate your arguments with supportive data
  • Listen actively
What are the blunders in a GD?
  • Aggression
  • Negativity or Pessimistic outlook
  • Speaking for the sake of speaking
  • Incorrect fact/ information
  • Being highly individualistic and defensive
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