MBA - NON CAT Test Series

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The much coveted CAT Test Series for 2018-19 is the only test series which is the closest to the actual CAT exam (and other non-CAT exams). Prepared by our experienced and expert faculty, the Hitbullseye CAT Edge Test Series provides you with the following:
  • Time Management & Accuracy Strategy: Assess your current level of preparation, design an appropriate strategy and avoid making the same mistakes.
  • Closest to CAT: This CAT test series is the result of years of academic expertise and is closest to the actual CAT exam (and other non-CAT exams).  
  • A data-driven performance analysis: Get a comprehensive & comparative section wise analysis and full analysis for the tests that you take. Also get a question-wise breakdown analysis for determining your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Major confidence boost: Prepare for CAT and other non-CAT exams with our 88 practice tests constituting over 10,000+ questions as per latest test pattern.
  • 24x7 Whatsapp Group to clear all your doubts: Join Hitbullseye mentors and fellow MBA aspirants on Whatsapp to clear all your doubts and queries swiftly. 
  • National Level Percentile Predictor: The percentile predictor tells you where you stand on a national level by comparing your test score with the test scores of all the students who have taken the test and the past CAT score trends.
Hitbullseye CAT Edge Test Series adopts a data-driven approach. That’s why it is the only test series you’ll ever need to excel in CAT and other non-CAT exams.
Enroll for our test series today and give wings to your MBA dreams. All the best!