Reading Comprehension Practice Test

By now, you must be aware that Reading Comprehension(RC) plays a vital role in fetching you a good score in MBA entrance exams, which will finally help you get admission into a reputed college/the college of your dreams. With more than 50% weight age in verbal ability section and almost 70% of the questions (24 out of 34) being asked in the verbal section of last year exam, you can hardly afford to ignore this section. Over the years, the focus of CAT conducting authorities has been to check the student’s comprehension skills. The increase in the number of RC passages points to the fact that a student has to be proficient in reading and interpreting information. As the passages come from diverse areas and are of varied length therefore one has to devise a strategy to handle this section. A valuable input given by seasoned experts is that students need to read articles from diverse areas. Apart from reading these articles from different areas one need to be proficient in interpreting the information without any pre-conceived notions.


You are expected to acquaint yourself with the following: different types of passages, types of questions asked, the most commonly asked questions, the right approach to avoid the common mistakes made and thus, answer all the questions correctly and in a short time.

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The following things must be kept in mind while going through the passage and subsequently answering the questions correctly:

  • Stay focused: It will help you understand and retain efficiently.
  • Analyze the passage: A good passage analysis demands you to act like a detective who rummages through the crime scene to find the cues. The cues in your case refer to the main ideas or important points.
  • Read the passage twice: If the passage appears complex, give a second reading to it.
  • Do not obsess over minor details: They tend to deflect you from the central idea/theme of the passage. These points may appear too much factual/complicated but may serve just as a deviation from the main topic.
  • Be extra careful with the main idea/title questions: Be mindful of the scope of the passage and do not mistake these questions for conclusions or recommendations. Such questions intend to ask you about the main topic around which the whole passage is built.
  • Author's point of view: The best way to comprehend the passage is to assume yourself in the place of author and understand the feelings or experiences he must be going through while writing the passage.
  • Structure of the passage: The way the author has organized the flow of his thoughts in the passage is an indication of the message he wishes to convey. The tone and attitude of the author can be: formal/informal, pessimistic/optimistic, sad/happy, serious/humourous, sarcastic, analytical, narrative etc.
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Lastly, practice is the key to perfection. This mock test will help you know your strengths and the areas you need to work upon. It will help you test your vocabulary as well as your reading comprehension skills. The given test is based on the pattern followed for MBA entrance exams.

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