15 must read non-Fiction Books for CAT

Majority of the RC passages in CAT are fetched from non-fiction books, newspapers, and magazines. 'Non-fiction' is an immensely vast field, and generally lacks the intriguing elements that are usually a part of fiction. A reading piece without a plot, interesting characters, drama or action is usually perceived to be dull and boring. This is precisely the case with non-fiction books since they just provide bland facts and realities of life. But then, you cannot avoid reading non-fiction if you wish to nail the CAT exam. So, how do you go about it?
The trick is to start with the areas of study that incite a spark in you. There are definitely one or two subjects that you want to know more and more about. Further, you can start with the beginner level non-fiction books and gradually proceed to advanced ones. Here, we have organized the non-fiction category of books into various levels as per the reader's abilities. We have separate sections for beginners, amateurs and fluent readers; choose which level you best fit in.
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Why Read Non-Fiction?
While the very obvious reason to read non-fiction are the similar areas on which CAT RCs are based, there are also several other advantages of the same. Glimpse through other main benefits of reading non-fiction:
  • Improves vocabulary and understanding of the language.
  • Provides actual knowledge of various subjects.
  • Introduces you to popular ideas, concepts, and amazing facts.
  • Familiarizes you with technical jargons, which may otherwise seem intimidating to you in the exam.
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    Top Non-Fictions Books for CAT
    Reading is a process and you will need to invest time and effort to get a hang of it. However, that does not mean that you have to push yourself hard by directly reading a Shashi Tharoor or Thomas Friedman book. The correct way is to begin with easy and interesting and then move on difficult and probably, a little less interesting. Once you get used to reading non-fiction, you will start getting curious to read more of it.
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    Here, we provide a list of five non-fiction books for each category of readers.
    5 non-fiction books for beginners level
    5 non-fiction books for amateurs level
    5 non-fiction books for advanced level
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    It is crucial to diversify your reading to enhance your language skills and comprehension abilities. So, you must read from different genres and fields of study. Here, you can explore our lists of books from other popular areas of CAT RCs.
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