36 Must Read Fiction Books for CAT

Every MBA aspirant is curious to know which books to read for getting a grip over CAT Verbal Ability section. There are books of all levels for the fiction lovers. For instance, if Ayn Rand's "The Fountainhead" is mind-boggling for you, then you should choose Khaled Hosseini's "The Kite Runner" or maybe George Orwell's "1984". To simplify your reading experience, we have sorted out books into separate sections for beginners, amateurs and fluent readers.
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Why to Read Fiction for CAT?
Fiction books introduce to different worlds and lends several benefits to students preparing for CAT and similar other tests. Most of the students assume that CAT RC passages are from non-fiction sources and so, there is no benefit in reading fiction. This is true only to a certain extent. If we count the kind of fiction Chetan Bhagat writes, it is hard to justify it from a CAT perspective (truth is bitter, Mr Bhagat). But if you bring in the best of literature and modern fiction writing into the picture, you would learn a lot from the language and the immense vocabulary that it imbibes within itself. Believe me, reading is fun and stimulating. Listed below are other key benefits of reading fiction:
  • Owing to its wide scope, fiction is a powerhouse of vocabulary.
  • Fiction broadens your mind and enhances your lateral thinking skills. It lets you get into different perspectives and expands your understanding levels.
  • Fiction is a great way to improve your creative and imaginative skills.
  • Since fiction engrosses your mind greatly, it results in better memory retention.
  • Fiction books possess cultural, political and social significance, and thus, increase your knowledge.
  • Top Fiction Books for CAT
    Here's a list of 12 fiction books each based on their level of language and vocabulary. You can login and download the given lists.
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    12 fiction books for beginners
    12 fiction books for advanced readers
    12 fiction books for amatuers
    Apart from the above given lists, you may want to know about books of RC-specific areas like sociology, business, etc. Remember that diverse reading is essential to nail the RC section of CAT. To help you, we have compiled different lists belonging to variety of subjects.
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    Reading will help you improve vocabulary, enhance better understanding of the language, and ultimately make the task of comprehending any particular passage easier. For more types of books, refer to our E-library section.
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