36 must read fiction books for CAT

Every MBA aspirant is curious to know which books to read for getting a grip over Verbal Ability section. Being an avid reader and holding a degree in English Literature I can possibly suggest a few of the fiction books every student aspiring to clear the CAT exam must read. Reading books for most of you would be a task and you wouldn't enjoy reading books that don't engage you as a reader. Well, if someone tells you to read Dante's Inferno, when you haven't even read a Chetan Bhagat novel, would surely sound greek to you! But for your convenience I will try and sort out books according to a reader's level. We have separate sections for beginners, amateurs and fluent readers, and you could possibly choose which level you best fit in. If Ayn Rand's The Fountainhead is mind boggling for you , then you should choose Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner or maybe George Orwell's '1984'.
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I have observed that most of us assume that most of the CAT RCs are from non-fiction categories and so there is no benefit in reading fiction. Well, this is true only to a certain extent. If we count the kind of fiction Chetan Bhagat writes, it is hard to justify it from a CAT perspective. But if you bring in the best of literature and modern fiction writing into the picture, you would learn a lot from the language and the immense vocabulary that it imbibes within itself. Believe me, reading is fun and stimulating. Reading will help you improve vocabulary levels, enhance better understanding of the language and ultimately make the task of comprehending a particular passage easier. And all of these are applicable to fiction as well. Fiction books carry certain cultural, political and social significance, and you are bound to learn a lot more from them.
Keeping the above in mind, I'm going to list 12 fiction books for their level of language and vocabulary that will provide immense learning value and knowledge that would prove beneficial to you.
12 fiction books for beginners
12 books for advance level
12 books for amatuers
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