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CAT preparation books play a vital role in the preparation of the CAT exam. Aspirants are often confused in choosing the right source of information considering that there is a wide variety of books and study material available online and offline. To sort out this confusion for you, we have listed the best books for CAT Preparation. Before having a look at the CAT books, you must be aware of the sections and the exam pattern of the CAT exam.
Get a complete understanding of the CAT syllabus. Mentioned below are the best books for CAT Preparation.
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Best Books for CAT Preparation: Quantitative Aptitude
It is highly recommended as a valuable resource for CAT exam preparation. The content is meticulously crafted, making challenging quantitative problems accessible and solvable. With clear explanations, a wide range of practice questions, and detailed solution strategies, it caters to both beginners and advanced learners. The book's insightful approach towards the QA section ensures a smooth and progressive learning experience. It includes tips, tricks, common pitfalls, and time management strategies that enhance problem-solving skills and boost confidence. The practice questions reflect the latest CAT trends, providing comprehensive preparation for any question type. Emphasizing conceptual clarity, it builds a strong foundation in fundamental concepts. Illustrative examples and practice exercises reinforce understanding and aid retention. Online support and additional resources provided with the book add immense value. This study material is considered the best for CAT, a must-have for CAT aspirants aiming to conquer the QA section with confidence and competence.
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Hitbullseye's 'Math Formulae & Concept Revision' is an excellent resource for mathematical learning. It provides a comprehensive collection of formulas and concepts, presented with clarity. The book is meticulously organized, simplifying challenging topics into understandable segments. It serves as a comprehensive guide for MBA-CAT exams, ensuring thorough preparation. The attention to detail in explaining each formula and concept is remarkable, with practical examples and real-world applications included to enhance understanding. Moreover, the book emphasizes the importance of revision for long-term retention and problem-solving skills.
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Apart from the book, practice is the best way to improve your performance in this section and the CAT Preparation in general.  Solving as many questions as possible would help in enhancing your calculation skills and time management. This will also help students to cope with the challenge of negative marking.
Best Books for CAT Preparation: Verbal Ability Reading Comprehension
The VARC book series offers comprehensive coverage for various competitive exams like MBA, CAT, GRE, and GMAT. These carefully curated books provide focused content on essential areas such as Reading Comprehension, Vocabulary, and Verbal skills. With a strategic learning structure that includes theory, strategic planning, and targeted practice, students can study methodically and systematically to achieve optimal outcomes. The series also ensures in-depth explanations and diverse question sets to fully equip students to tackle examination questions. Emphasizing analytical thinking and strategic preparation, this series aims to enhance students' preparedness and increase their chances of success in competitive exams.
Besides referring to the book series, aspirants must inculcate a reading habit that will help them enhance their vocabulary, get a better understanding of the RCs and become familiar with current affairs. Also, they must practice to improve their performance and get a better understanding of the exam pattern.

Best Books for CAT Preparation: Data Interpretation & Logical Reasoning 
The recommended resource for CAT exam preparation, particularly for the Data Interpretation and Logical Reasoning (DILR) section, offers a methodical and detailed approach to tackling these types of problems. It breaks down complex concepts into manageable parts and progressively introduces them with examples of increasing difficulty, ensuring a thorough understanding. With a wide variety of practice questions that reflect the range and depth of CAT exam questions, the book serves as a comprehensive training ground for aspirants.
It also provides strategies and techniques for solving different types of data sets and reasoning puzzles, helping candidates improve their efficiency under time constraints. Moreover, the book focuses on enhancing overall cognitive abilities by offering exercises to improve mental agility and logical thinking. Each practice problem comes with detailed and insightful solutions that explain the reasoning behind them, further deepening understanding.
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DILR is a tricky section which needs to be attempted several times before the actual exam day. This will help in the better set- selection and avoiding any surprises on the day of the exam. Also managing the time and attempting the questions within 40 mins. Will be a crucial skill for this section.
Attempt online mock tests to know the level of your preparation.
CAT eBooks by Hitbullseye
We have curated a collection of exclusive eBooks for CAT preparation, tailored to meet the needs of different aspirant groups. Our CAT books comprehensively cover all the important topics and tricky concepts of the exam syllabus. They not only provide a solid foundation of fundamental concepts but also offer a wide range of practice questions and advanced shortcuts specifically designed for exam-specific queries. Moreover, we have dedicated eBooks that focus on the strategic aspects of the exam. Download these eBooks now and get ready to ace your CAT exam.
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Mastering the CAT exam requires diligent preparation, strategic study, and the right resources. Hitbullseye's curated book series and eBooks are paramount tools, tailored to navigate each section - VARC, DILR, and QA. These resources offer comprehensive coverage, focused content, and in-depth explanations. They provide practice questions, strategic emphases, and opportunities to enhance cognitive abilities. Practising with previous year papers and online mock tests is also advocated to hone time management skills. Hitbullseye offers a holistic approach to CAT preparation, unlocking doors to premier management institutes.
  1. What are the best books to prepare for the CAT exam?
  2. Hitbullseye offers several excellent resources for CAT preparation, including 'MBA CAT Math- 1 & 2', 'Math Formulae & Concept Revision', and the 'CAT VARC Series'.
  3. Can I self-prepare for the CAT exam?
  4. CAT (Common Admission Test) is widely regarded as one of the most prestigious management entrance exams. Although self-studying for this exam may appear daunting, it is indeed achievable with dedication and perseverance.
  5. Are books the best source to prepare for the CAT exam?
  6. Yes. Books are undoubtedly the finest resource to prepare for exams as they comprehensively cover the entire syllabus. In addition to books, candidates should also consider taking mock tests to further enhance their preparation.
  7. Are there any online resources available for CAT preparation?
  8. Yes, there are numerous resources that are available online. However, many of them lack credibility. Hitbullseye offers exclusive eBooks and online support for CAT preparation curated by industry experts, covering all important topics and providing advanced problem-solving strategies.
  9. How many CAT attempts are allowed?
  10. The CAT exam can be taken once annually on a date determined by the convening IIM. The specific date for the CAT is typically announced by the convening IIM in July or August each year. There is no limit to the number of attempts allowed for the CAT, and there is no upper age restriction.
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