Best Online Coaching for CAT

CAT online coaching is gaining popularity, with more and more institutes transforming their teaching modes.
The choice of online coaching, the merits of choosing particular courses, and the features and offerings in online courses are some of the questions frequently raised by students. In this article, we will clarify all your questions about CAT online coaching and highlight the primary components of our e-study materials.
About CAT
One of the most well-known entrance exams, CAT (Common Admission Test), opens doors to admission to the best business schools in the country. Though mostly targeted at 20 IIMs and other top-ranked B-schools, CAT is accepted by more than a thousand other institutes. Every year, the exam is held in the month of November. Based on CAT score, the institutes shortlist candidates for MBA/PGDM or equivalent programmes. For the few available admission slots, CAT presents fierce competition with more than 2 lakh applicants.
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With just around 5000 admission seats in IIMs, cracking CAT becomes a challenging task! And here comes the need for coaching! As you know, the trend of online education has grown multifold since the pandemic scenarios; so has the demand for CAT online coaching! Yet, there are also some ambiguities regarding the same. So, how do you identify the credible and right source of CAT online preparation? Read on to know…
Benefits of CAT Online Coaching
Today, we find it infeasible to go without technology even for one day. In this scenario, it is no surprise that CAT online classes are gaining popularity among both working professionals and college-going students. Online modes of preparation are a godsend for aspirants who live in remote locations or have busy schedules. In addition to being convenient, CAT online courses are beneficial in many ways. The following points highlight the main advantages of selecting CAT online coaching:
Adaptable & Convenient: Online coaching's greatest benefit is its flexibility. You are free to study wherever it is convenient for you and at your own speed. For CAT online classes, you are allowed to choose suitable batch times and related options. You get access to all the study materials from the convenience of your home. Additionally, you get to review online lessons any number of times.
Time-Saver: For online courses, you do not have to travel to the coaching centres. Besides, these courses are developed to facilitate faster and smarter learning.
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Economical: Compared to traditional classroom coaching, online methods of study use far fewer resources. Since the CAT is computer-based, it is better to prepare for the test in a similar manner. With CAT online preparation, you would need to spend less money on actual books and test materials. Additionally, online coaching programs are less expensive than typical coaching courses.
Diverse Peer Learning: Online courses enable significantly greater peer learning with aspirants from all around the country. You can communicate and interact with students from a variety of backgrounds via online platforms. This helps you stay motivated and keep tabs on the level of competition.
Updated Study Material:Updating online study material is generally easier than doing so in a physical format. Therefore, CAT online coaching programmes are more effective in preparing students in accordance with the most recent exam pattern and syllabus and also, in terms of educational quality.
How to Choose the Best CAT Online Classes?
Nowadays, there are several online coaching facilities that claim to provide the best preparation. While some of them do equip the students with cutting-edge and adaptable study material, it is essential to verify the claims for authenticity. So, how do you distinguish between a reliable and an untrustworthy source? Here, we have indicated the factors that will help you choose the right source of CAT online coaching:
Course Structure: The first is to check the structure, length, and flow of the online course. You must make sure that all the important topics are covered. Further, do see if there are sufficient practice tests, concept classes, and feedback sessions to help you in CAT online preparation.  
Teaching Methodology: Nowadays, coaching institutes utilise many innovative techniques to teach students. The purpose of these methods is to ensure faster and more efficient learning. However, you must ensure that the methodology adopted in a course is not too complex to understand as well as works reliably.
Faculty: This is one of the most important things to consider before enrolling in any CAT online coaching. The expertise and experience of the faculty, tutors, and mentors highly impact the performance of the students. So, do verify that the teaching faculty carry good experience and academic backgrounds.
Learning Environment: Another critical factor in CAT online preparation is the productivity of the learning environment. You can prepare well only if you are able to get your doubts addressed constructively, interact with the faculty easily, and improve your performance.
Results: The results of any course/ institute speak about its predictable outcomes and quality of preparation. You can consult the past students of the institute or your seniors to get honest feedback and learn about the results.
Lastly, keep a check on the course fee, whether it is reasonable or overpriced.
Why Choose Hitbullseye for CAT Online Preparation?
For your optimum preparation, Hitbullseye has created comprehensive CAT online coaching courses. Every one of our study plans specifically meets your CAT preparation needs at your convenience and suitability. Our courses include in-depth study material prepared by our knowledgeable experts and cover every topic on the CAT syllabus. We also provide you with a course trial via temporary free access. You can choose the course you wish to enrol in after you feel comfortable with its features. The following are the primary characteristics of our CAT online coaching programs:
Live Concept Classes: These are conducted to empower you with conceptual clarity on all the key topics. You can select the weekday or weekend batch times, based on your preferences.
Live Doubt Classes: Every concept class has a corresponding doubt class, which promotes quick query resolution and better learning.
Smart Delivery Model: We follow a unique 2+2 academic delivery system, that incorporates pre-class and post-class learning modules. Tests and assignments are given to students both during and after class. This is coupled with feedback from the faculty. There are three batches available for the students that cover three separate portions of the syllabus, and you can attend all three; you can complete the CAT online classes in two months.
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Big Bull Ki Pathshala: There are special live strategy sessions, where the toppers, top college alums, and business professionals reveal their secrets to success. These sessions take place occasionally, typically every 15 days.
Complete Study Material: Each part of our CAT online courses comes with a host of study materials, including eBooks, assignments, recorded video lectures, etc. The video lectures can be watched as many times as you need. You will also learn about shortcuts, strategies, and recommendations for various question types.
Full-length, Sectional, and Topic-wise Mock Tests: The courses also have sectional and chapter-based practice tests in addition to the full-length national-level mock tests. With our national-level test series, you will find out how you stack up against the competition. Every exam comes with a thorough AI-driven report that shows you the areas where you are strong and where you need work. Also, you receive a national-level percentile that tells you where you rank in comparison to other candidates.
Personalized Mentoring & Round-the-Clock support: We have 24x7 discussion groups where you can engage with your mentors and other aspirants. Later, for expert advice and B-School counselling, you can also register for our online GDPI courses and groups. Our students receive one-on-one guidance throughout their preparation process.
The majority of MBA aspirants are either pursuing graduation or employed in 9-to-5 jobs. If not for coaching, it would take a lot of time and effort to start from scratch – find study resources, organize study material, analyse past trends for important topics, and develop a preparation plan. Aspirants are capable of making a more committed and concentrated effort toward CAT preparation if they are mentored by expert specialists and experienced mentors. So, it does make all the difference and helps you reach the top with a little coaching!
FAQs about CAT Online Coaching
  1. Is online coaching enough for CAT?
  2. Definitely! CAT online coaching is sufficient for your preparation. It includes all the resources offered in offline coaching and even more, just in a different format.
  3. Is 3 months enough for CAT?
  4. Yes, you can prepare for CAT in 3 months, if you follow a well-structured study plan and stay focused throughout your preparation. The initial month can be set for concept building, while the remaining for practice, feedback, and performance improvement.
  5. Can I prepare for CAT with a job?
  6. Many CAT aspirants are working professionals. In fact, work experience is a favourable factor for B-school admissions. All you need to do is set a specific schedule and invest those few hours every day in CAT preparation dutifully.
  7. How can I get 99 percentile in CAT?
  8. If you aim to get 99 percentile or above in CAT, you must be able to solve around 60% of the questions with good accuracy. CAT is less of a speed-based test and more of a complexity-tackling one.
  9. Can CAT crack without coaching?
  10. Yes, you can! With the right approach, smart strategy, and consistent practice, you can bag a good score in CAT. Hitbullseye also offers free study resources to help you prepare on your own.
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