IBSAT Percentile Predictor

IBSAT percentile calculator is a tool that estimates your approximate percentile, based on the data submitted by you. After the exam, it is only reasonable for students to be interested in learning how well they did and determining their chances of admission. Here, you can use our percentile predictor to assess your performance in the IBSAT Exam.
IBSAT is a management entrance exam conducted by ICFAI Foundation for Higher Education. It is a computer-based objective test that checks the general aptitude skills of the candidate. The duration of the test is two hours and it consists of 140 MCQs.
Every year the IBSAT Exam is tentatively conducted in December and the results are declared by the last week of December. IBSAT is the gateway to admission to the nine campuses of IBS.
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IBSAT Percentile Predictor
The figure predicted by the predictor tool will be an approximation of your actual percentile, that is released at the time of the result. In general, your percentile is decided by the following factors: the number of people that take the IBSAT Exam and how well you performed in comparison to the other people who took the test, and the level of difficulty of the particular time slot and sections. This information will be used by the predictor to come up with an estimate of your IBSAT percentile.
It is advisable to use the IBSAT percentile predictor on the day of the examination. During that time, you will be able to obtain a precise estimate of your IBSAT percentile as you tend to remember the number of attempts and accuracy then.
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Step-by-Step Guide to Percentile Predictor:
  1. Click on the given link for the ‘IBSAT Percentile Predictor’. In case you are not already registered, you will have to ‘sign up’.
  2. After you have signed in, you will be directed to fill in the requisite details.
  3. Once you have entered the probable number of attempts and correct answers, you will get your overall and sectional IBSAT percentile.
  4. Now, you can learn about the campus options you have.
  5. Finally, you will be provided with expert B-school counselling for applying to your dream B-schools.
Make sure that you give the correct details in the predictor form. Also, some of the campuses may consider your sectional percentile in IBSAT.
Following the declaration of IBSAT result, you will start getting calls from the IBS colleges for further rounds. The selection briefings are given in the month of January, and the process is conducted in February/ March. Your profile and performance in the interview rounds play a significant part in the final selection.
FAQs about IBSAT Exam 2024
1. What is the cut-off for IBS Hyderabad?
The IBSAT cut-off for the Hyderabad campus is around 74-78 percentile. This campus has the highest cut-off of all.
2. What is the difficulty level of IBSAT?
IBSAT is moderate in difficulty level and perceived much easier than entrance tests like CAT, XAT, IIFT, etc. Unlike most other entrance tests, it has no sectional time limits or negative marking.
3. Which is better IMT or IBS Hyderabad?
Both IMT and IBS Hyderabad are quite similar in reputation, placement records, and fee. However, the number of admission seats at IBS Hyderabad is much more than those at IMT Hyderabad. So, you can choose for either as per your preferences of curriculum, specialisations and other such factors.
4. Is IBS Pune worth joining?
Yes, it is! IBS Pune is among the top campuses of ICFAI. It maintains a placement record of nearly 97-99% and the highest package of 16+ LPA.
5. Can I get direct admission in IBS?
No, there is no such option for direct admission to IBS. You need to have a valid score of CAT/XAT/NMAT/GMAT/IBSAT, in order to seek admission to any of the IBS campuses.
6. Which colleges accept IBSAT score?
IBSAT scores are accepted in all nine campuses of ICFAI business school, located at Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Dehradun, Gurgaon, Jaipur, Kolkata, Mumbai and Pune.
7. Which IBS campus has best placement?
IBS Hyderabad has the best placements, followed closely by IBS Mumbai. The highest domestic package at IBS Hyderabad is 20+ LPA, and the international package goes up to 50+ LPA.
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