CAT 2023 Question Paper

The official CAT 2023 question paper is expected to be published in the first or second week of December. These papers are not only useful for those who took the test this year but also for future candidates. You can find the 2023 CAT question paper and related information here. Please note that the CAT 2023 exam was held on November 26, 2023. 
CAT 2023: An Overview
The Common Admission Test (CAT) serves as a gateway for MBA/PGDM admissions into 20 IIMs and other top-tier B-schools in India. Each year, around two hundred thousand hopeful managers and entrepreneurs take the exam.
CAT is a computer-based test that comprises both objective and subjective questions. To excel in this exam, you need a solid grasp of quantitative ability, logical reasoning, verbal ability, and data interpretation. Furthermore, practising with previous CAT papers is essential for fully understanding the exam's format and level of difficulty. As you engage more with CAT mock tests and past papers, your speed and accuracy during the exam will increase. However, it's important to remember that CAT primarily assesses your ability to handle complex problems, rather than being a speed-solving test.
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CAT 2023 Exam Pattern
Sections of Exam
No of questions
Non - MCQs
Question Bifurcation
16 questions of RC - 4 passages of 4 questions each. 
8 Questions of Verbal ability - 3 para jumbles, 2 para completions, 3 para summary
4 sets of 5 questions each
Areas questioned - Bar Graph, Arrangements, Missing Data and Puzzles (Games)
Dominated by questions of Arithmetic and Algebra.
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CAT Question Papers
The most reliable resource for CAT preparation is the actual CAT papers themselves. They offer you a comprehensive understanding of the exam's structure, frequently posed questions, and level of difficulty. Both current and potential test-takers can find value in these CAT papers. Moreover, it is advisable to tackle prior CAT questions to evaluate your readiness and performance. We've gathered past years' CAT question papers for your convenience here:
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CAT 2023 question paper
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NOTE: After the official release of the CAT 2023 question paper, you can download it here.
CAT 2023 Question Paper
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CAT 2023 Analysis
CAT 2023 Answer Key (Slot 1, Slot 2 and Slot 3)
After utilizing our predictor to estimate your score and percentile, delve into the comprehensive exam analysis. Additionally, gear up for subsequent rounds of the MBA/PGDM admission process. Beyond a few extra screening stages, the majority of B-school selection procedures include a typical group task/discussion, essay-writing test, and personal interview. In other words, succeeding in CAT is just the initial triumph. The remainder depends on your performance in the following selection rounds.
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Why to solve CAT Previous Year Papers?
  • CAT Previous Year Papers provide invaluable insights into the specific types of questions asked in the CAT Exam, giving you a clear understanding of its structure and format.
  • Analyzing these papers helps you identify your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to prioritize and concentrate on areas that require more attention, thereby optimizing your preparation.
  • Furthermore, by solving these papers, you gain a deeper comprehension of the exam's difficulty level, enabling you to develop and hone essential time management skills that are crucial for success.
  • Practising with these papers not only sharpens your problem-solving abilities but also boosts your confidence, ensuring you are well-prepared and ready to excel on the day of the actual exam.
  • Ultimately, the consistent practice and familiarity gained from solving these papers significantly enhance your chances of achieving a higher score and realizing your academic ambitions.
Overall, solving past the exam. It provides a comprehensive understanding of the topics, tests your preparation, and aids in developing critical skills such as problem-solving and time management. Practising with these papers gives you the confidence to perform well on the day of your exam, ultimately increasing your chances of achieving higher scores and reaching your academic year papers is essential for success in CAT 2023
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