MIT School of Technology Management PUNE

MITSOT approved by AICTE is the best B-school in the country. The college has attracted students from both India and Abroad. The college attempts at shaping students into a business leader of tomorrow with a unique blend of skills. These exceptional skills are Techno-Managerial skills, which are rarely found in any courses. MITSOT aims at making business icons with the kind of skills that are seldom seen. However, MITSOT is backed, guided and supported by the best tech companies in the industry.
MITSOT offers unique kind of courses like PGDM, MBA, and M.Sc in International Business. Besides, the students can choose from specializations like Telecom Systems, Marketing, and Finance. The curriculum has been designed in a manner to focus on the telecom industry as a part of the business. And, mixing of business and technology makes a unique programme and focuses on developing Techno-Managerial skills in the students. Students are exposed to real business practices through guest lectures, field visits and seminars. For more information, refer to the brochure below:
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