Part-Time & Online Executive MBA in India

Executive MBA is a management course aimed at senior executives and managers. In the present global scenario, there is rising popularity of EMBA among management aspirants. A number of the top B-schools in India offer Executive MBA courses in various specializations.  Since the candidates for EMBA are working professionals, most of them prefer to opt for part-time or online course format for Executive MBA.
In this article, we will discuss Part-Time EMBA Courses in India.
Modes of Executive MBA courses in India
In India, the Executive MBA is generally delivered in the following four formats:
  1. One-year full-time Executive MBA
  2. Two-years full-time Executive MBA
  3. Two-years part-time/weekendExecutive MBA
  4. Online Executive MBA
Usually, the duration of Executive MBA in India ranges between 12-30 months. Some of the colleges incorporate virtual as well as classroom learning in their Executive MBA programs. In other words, a mix of the above-stated modes is used for a single course.Given below is a list of top B-schools that provide part-time and online Executive MBA courses.
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Part-time/Weekend Executive MBA in India
In India, Part-time EMBA classes are mainly conducted on weekends (morning to evening) or few weekdays (evenings). This way, the students are not required to take a break from their job and can continue working while studying. Students may need to take leave from work for a few weeks. While some colleges have fixed duration for EMBA programs, others let the student complete the course in 3-5 years. Following colleges provide part-time/weekend (classroom) Executive MBA courses:
Indian School of Business (ISB)
18 months
15 months
IIM Bangalore
2 years
IIM Lucknow
2 years
IIM Kozhikode
2 years
IIM Indore
2 years
SP Jain School of Global Management
18 months
Management Development Institute (MDI)
3 years
Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT)
18 months
18 months
NMIMS School of Business Management
15 or 24 months
Symbiosis Institute of Management Studies (SIMS), Pune
MBA Executive
30 months
Symbiosis Institute of Business Management (SIBM), Pune
MBA Executive
30 months
Great Lakes Institute of Management, Chennai
20 months
IIM Shillong
MBA (Working Executives)
2-3 years
2 years
*PGPpro at ISB includes mandatory online classes apart from the weekend classroom learning.
In case of part-time programs, classes are held for a fixed number of weeks interspersed throughout the total duration of course. For instance, ISB’s PGPMAX includes 10 weeks of classes in India and 2 weeks abroad. Classes are scheduled for 7 consecutive days after every sixth week.
Most of the B-schools have adopted a weekend format of Executive MBA. In some B-schools like IIMB, where the program isdeliveredevery/alternate weekend, studentshave the option to choose weekday classes as well. Similarly, at SIMS, the student can enrolin weekend or weekday batch as per his/her convenience. Overall, students are expected to complete a definite number of contact hours.
Additionally, FMS, one of the best B-schools in India, offers a two year full-time MBA Executive course in the weekdays’ evening format.
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Online Executive MBA in India
In this fast-paced world, online learning trend is a boon. Today, every field of education has come up with virtual learning facilities. A good number of colleges in India have come up with online management courses. For working professionals with busy schedules, it is unmanageable to attend regular Executive MBA classes in the traditional format. Here comes the role of Online Executive MBA courses. These courses are devised to allow greater convenience and flexibility to students. Following points give a glimpse of Online EMBA classroom facility offered by best B-schools of the country.
  • Indian School of Business (ISB) incorporates compulsory online classes in its weekend Executive programmePGPpro.
  • IIM Kozhikode offers EPGP in complete Interactive Learning mode in which students can attend virtual classrooms at their preferred learning centre.A student has the choice to opt for on-campus part-time EPGP programme at Kochi or the virtual classroom one.
  • At SP Jain School of Global Management, students can go for virtual classes in case they are unable to attend on-campus E-MBA classes due to tight work schedules.
  • IIM Rohtak utilizes a composite delivery format (online & offline) for its Executive MBA programme called ePGPx.
Likewise, other reputed B-schools in India have started using virtual learning methods for effective delivery of their Executive MBA courses.
It is to be noted that some of the above-listed colleges also offer full-time Executive MBA besides their part-time EMBA.

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