The Art Of Acing CAT RC (Part 1)

Does the word ‘RC’ bring a chill down your spine? Do you think that cracking CAT would’ve been easier, if only it didn’t consist of the behemoth called ‘Reading Comprehension’? It’s true that RC comprises of a major portion of CAT. And this can be intimidating for those who struggle with the English language, in general.

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But hey! not to worry, for not all of us are born wordsmiths. Understanding this dire need of CAT aspirants, team Hitbullseye has compiled a comprehensive guide that answers all your questions. It consists of all the tips and tricks to overcome the challenges faced while attempting RC. Wait. There’s more. All of this is available FOR FREE!.

cat 19 online Courses

This eBook includes:

  • Introduction to Reading Comprehension
  • Tips to overcome challenges faced while attempting RC
  • RC passage types
  • Speed Reading Techniques etc.s

Click on the link below to download the free E-book:

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cat 19 online Courses