ATMA 2012 Analysis

ATMA 2012 paper was more or less same as that of ATMA 2011. The level of paper was easy-moderate only few questions were difficult. But several questions were incorrectly framed and had major errors. For example in a sentence correction question correct answer was repeated twice, and similarly an antonym question which was most likely to be a synonym question, since there was no antonym possible for the given word.

There were 180 questions in all and the time allotted was 3hrs. There were no distinct sections, though questions were arranged in 6 batches of 30 questions each.

Overview of the ATMA Paper
Time allotted3Hrs.
Total no. of questions180
Marking SchemeCorrect Answer - +3
SectionsNo distinct sections
Number of choices4
Negative MarkingWrong Answer: -1
Expected cut-offs*75% to 80% marks will be appropriate to clear the exam.
Overview of Different Sections
Sr. No.SectionsNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level
1Quantitative Skills(PS)1-30Easy to Moderate
2Analytical Reasoning(LR & VR)31-60Easy to Moderate
3Verbal Skills(RC & VA)61-90Easy
4Quantitative Skills(DI & PS)91-120Easy
5Analytical Reasoning(LR & VR))121-150Easy to Moderate
6Verbal Skills(RC & VA)151-180Easy to Moderate

Evaluation: Overall the section was easy to moderate. But two of the analogies were on a bit tough since they involved a bit of general knowledge such as 'joules' and 'hygrometer'. The syllogism questions were mostly straight forward.

Sr. No.Type of QuestionsNo. of QuestionDifficulty Level /remarks
2Anagrams8Easy- Moderate
Logical Reasoning (LR):
Sr. No.Type of QuestionsNo. of QuestionDifficulty Level /remarks
1Arrangements Groups & Conditionalities5Easy-Moderate
2Selection Criteria5Easy- Moderate
3Circular Arrangement5Easy-Moderate
4Linear Arrangement5Easy-Moderate
5Miscellaneous (Series, Coding, Family Tree, Directions, etc.)16Moderate-Difficult

Evaluation: The section was easy to moderate. Only the negative point was that the section was a little time consuming.

Sr. No.Area TestedDescriptionNo. of QuestionDifficulty Level /remarks
1.Reading ComprehensionInfluence of anti-import laws on American business8Easy-Moderate
Philosophical aspect of mathematics5Moderate-Difficult
Effect of technology on society & governance5Easy-Moderate
The need for a unified world government10Easy
2Verbal AbilitySynonyms2Easy
3Verbal AbilityAntonyms9Easy
4Verbal AbilitySentence Correction8Easy
5Verbal AbilityFill in the Blanks6Easy-Moderate
6Verbal AbilityJumble Paragraphs7Moderate-Difficult

Evaluation: Reading comprehension paragraphs were very short and fairly easy to understand except that on philosophy. All the questions were direct. Similarly the questions on verbal ability were extremely easy. This was a section which could maximize your score.


Data Interpretation (DI): The Section was easy to moderate. Questions were little time consuming as most of it involved close observation and good calculation. There were total of 25 questions which included pie charts, graphs, etc.

Data Sufficiency (DS): Section was very easy but little time consuming. There were total of 15 questions including topics from arithmetic, logic, arrangement and family tree.

Data Sufficiency (DS): Section was very easy but little time consuming. There were total of 15 questions including topics from arithmetic, logic, arrangement and family tree.

Sr. No.TopicsNo. of QuestionsDifficulty Level /remarks
2Speed, Distance & Time5Easy-Moderate
3Simple & Compound Interest2Moderate
4Profit-Loss & Partnership2Moderate-Difficult
6Ratio & Proportions2Moderate-Difficult
8Permutation & Combination2Easy-Moderate
10Geometry & Mensuration2Moderate

Evaluation: In this section most of the questions were on the easier side and could be solved within 30-40 seconds. Few questions were not framed properly and few assumptions had to be made to solve the questions.

*Disclaimer:All the above given information is based on personal opinion of Bulls Eye Expert faculty. Several factors have been considered before giving these cut-offs. However, it has nothing to do with original cut-offs.