Tata Institute of Social Sciences (TISS), Mumbai

The Tata Institute of Social Sciences creates professionals that address the issues of poverty and unemployment leading in the country. Since its inception, the institute is providing forward-looking education, research and outreach in the fields of development and public policy concerns. Consistently, TISS is seeking solutions for complex real-world issues that concern people of our nation. The institute is following its legacy of responding and resolving the problems that arrive with the changing world. TISS expanded and adapted the academic structure to return to the changing context in the country. Today, TISS offers research, outreach programmes, and teaching from four of its campuses. Being a unique institution, TISS brought together scholars and industry experts from various backgrounds to co-create new programmes that would address the emerging issues of the nation. Teaching multiple programmes in the field of Social Sciences, TISS has moulded the students into skilled professionals who are capable enough to work with society.
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